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Once again we begin the annual tradition of exclaiming "HOW IS IT THE END OF NOVEMBER ALREADY?!" and panicking to get ready for the holiday season. No? Just me? Even though the snow is firmly on the ground, I can't help but look at the Instagram photos of those in warmer climates admiring their autumnal-hued feeds and feeling stuck in somewhere between pumpkins and pa-rum-pum-pum-pum. Luckily, come December first it's easier to get into the mood by opening the door of my Jacek Chocolate advent calendar and starting the holiday countdown with a delicious treat. 

Countdown calendars for adults have become widely popular in the last few years and I totally get it! There's something special about re-capturing the excitement of opening a little door each morning to get your treat, each day getting closer to the holidays and building up to the main event. 

Beyond artisanal chocolate, there are calendars filled with beer, tea, even jam, so as beauty lovers we had to ask ourselves, why not make one of our own? This would be the perfect treat for any beauty junkie in your life; your bestie, your sister, mom or even yourself (we cannot judge...). It's a gift that keeps on giving that  captures the energy and spirit approaching the holiday season, and it is SO easy.

You can use any calendar for this project. Make one of the many DIY calendars on Pinterest to create one that perfectly suits you and your home, or for the less crafty inclined you can get a reusable calendar box from any craft store or some adorable mini boxes and bags from someplace like the Prettiest Present to host the daily goodies.

I chose this simple paper tutorial to make the daily boxes, and reused the box from my previous years' Jacek Chocolate advent calendar (c'mon, you think you can try this calendar only once?) to keep everything tidy and self-standing. I measured the dimensions of the Jacek box and divided it by 12 to know the sizes of the boxes that will fit inside and followed the tutorial steps to make them.

Decorate your calendar however you'd like; then it's time for the fun part; filling it up! I chose a selection of beauty goodies and some other little treats to mix it up and keep the days exciting. Here's what's inside:

Then just round it off with a few treats, candies or accessories and you'll be ready for a month of beauty magic.

The wonderful thing about this is that you can completely personalize it to who will be receiving it and you can reuse this every year and make it different. Right now at LUX we have lots of mini items perfect for a project like this. Want to surprise yourself? Give us a call and we can pick out 24 little surprises for you and have them bundled up ready for December 1st.

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