What it is: A revolutionary hair accessory that leaves your hair soft, smooth and without that dreaded ponytail dent.

How it works: Unique coil design grips hair and creates the perfect pony, messy bun or updo - damage and tangle free.

Why you like: Holds it's shape unlike those sad stretched out elastics. Simply place in hot water and watch it shrink up like new.

Makeup Your Mind- Light brown
Luscious Lashes- Metallic black
Marilyn Monred- Soft burgundy
Smokey Eye- Light Grey
To Be or Nude To Be- Pinky nude
Blush Hour- Light pink
Crystal Clear- Clear

Makeup your mind
Luscious Lashes
Marilyn Monred
Smokey eye
To be or nude to be
Blush Hour
Crystal Clear
Pretzel Brown
True Black
Power Crystal Clear
Mini Makeup your mind
Mini to be or nude to be
Mini True Black
Mini Marilyn Monred
Mini Crystal Clear
Trolls - Clear
Power - Hawkwardly
Forbidden Fruit
Power To Be Or Nude to Be
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