My 4 Seasons of LUX: Box Number One!

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After much anticipation wondering what was inside my first 4 Seasons of LUX Box, I finally dug in.

Are you ready to see what was inside?

First, a quick recap. Back in the spring, LUX Beauty Boutique approached me and asked if I’d be interested in participating in the 4 Seasons of LUX. I set up my subscription and then filled out an online survey about my beauty product likes, dislikes, needs, and so on. From there, every three months, I could expect a gift box right to my door with a few full-size essential products that are right for the season. Four boxes, twelve months, so many beautiful products. As LUX says, it’s a “whole year of beauty bliss.” I couldn't wait to get started.

Before my first blog post was published, I held off opening my first box (not easy!) until I had written it, taken photos, and shared my excitement. The whole time, I had the box sitting in front of me unopened.

As soon as it was done and published, I opened the box…

Now, are you really ready to see what was inside?

Spoiler Alert: The choices couldn’t have been more perfect.

  1. RMS Organic “un” cover-up

I’ll start with the RMS Organic “un” cover-up product as this product totally intrigued me. I love learning the stories behind companies – how they formed, who created them, what the motivation was. And RMS Beauty was particularly interesting to learn more about.

According to the RMS Beauty website, the company is named after its owner – Rose Marie Swift – who was inspired to educate people about natural products after she found herself becoming sick and tests linked it to toxins in her cosmetics. Since then, she committed her company to the following philosophy:

RMS Beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup, and it's about more than simply using organic ingredients. In fact, that's only the first step in creating a product that's not only non-toxic, but that actually heals and nourishes skin.

RMS "un" organic cover-up

About the product. The “un” cover-up was created to “reveal and enhance healthier looking skin…not just cover it up.” It can be used as a foundation or a light concealer. And it moisturizes and heals at the same time.

Until now, I have been on the hunt for a long time to find a natural cover-up product that works well. When I first tried the product, it seemed thicker than other cover-ups I’ve used in the past so I was a bit hesitant at first. But, when I saw how smoothly the product went on and how well it blended, I quickly fell in LOVE with the coverage it provided. It hid spots and lines much better than other products I’ve used. It didn’t crease or look heavy.

And, the best part is that I opened the box at the beginning of summer, which gave me THE hottest months of the year to test out this product and see if it would hold up in the heat, the beach, the outdoors. I’m happy to say the “un” cover-up was a resounding success and I can confidently say that if this product holds up this well in the hot summer heat, then it will easily hold up in ANY season.

I am officially hooked on this brand and can’t wait to try other products. (And the RMS Beauty website has a great video on applying the “un” cover up with a fantastic-looking brush.)

Verdict: Must try.

  1. blinc Eye Shadow Primer (light tone)

There were two areas I highlighted on my 4 Seasons of LUX questionnaire. The first was wanting to move to more natural products and looking for a natural cover-up product (see above!); and, the second was being hesitant to use eye shadow because my eye lids often feel oily and, thus, eye shadow does NOT want to stick around. Especially in summer. So I end up with creased eye shadow, or not wearing any at all (and it’s usually the latter).

Enter blinc Eye Shadow Primer. According to the description, this product is “the original eye shadow primer invented to keep any powder shadow on, as long as you want.” It is also intended to decrease fine lines, increase moisture, and leave you with colour “that cannot crease, fade, smudge or run.”

blinc Eye Shadow Primer

Now, as a disclaimer, I admit that I am already a loyal blinc customer. I have loved their “tube” mascara for years. (If you haven’t tried it before, stop what you’re doing and order it... and add the Eye Shadow Primer to your online shopping cart. Because it is that good.)

Not only did the primer pass my “oily eyelid” test, but it also passed the second test with flying colours as well: the hot, humid, sweaty summer.

And, the best thing was the handwritten note the LUX ladies included that said: “Jacquie, we have included an eye primer, ensure that you just use a tad, and let it fully dry before eye shadow.” I LOVE that LUX added this personal touch to write some tips about using the product. It was so helpful for people (like me!) who don’t wear a lot of make-up and can use a helpful cue now and then. I kept this note in my make-up drawer and loved having it as a reminder.

Verdict: Perfect for long-lasting eye make-up especially on hot days!

  1. ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE “Long-lasting eye shadow”

Now, the next question is what did I put on the blinc Eye Shadow Primer to test out its magical powers? Enter ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Umber Firefinch (069). I had seen this brand at LUX for many years but never tried it. And the description on the company website is super interesting:

More than a premium beauty brand, ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is the sensual magic escape from the mundane. Drawing inspiration from Victorian England’s contradictory way of life, we celebrate emotional, rebellious, individual and intellectual beauty.

I instantly loved this one too. When you first open the eye shadow, the initials “RR” are inscribed in a lovely cursive font on the surface of the eye shadow. Eye candy!


On the 4 Seasons of LUX Box questionnaire, I had filled out answers to help identify what “look” I prefer when wearing make-up. And, I had indicated I preferred a natural look with lighter shades. Again, LUX listened and delivered. The Umber Firefinch eye shadow is a warm and subtle mid-range brown colour. It is perfect for helping eyes stand out and be noticed.

And, I bet you’re wondering if it passed the “dog days of summer” and “oily eyelid” tests. Yes and yes. When paired up with the blinc Eye Shadow Primer, the eye shadow was incredibly long lasting and I loved the contrast with my eye colour.

Verdict: Awesome colour. Pair it with the blinc Eye Shadow Primer and you’re good to go.

And to wrap things up…

The final thing I loved about the box? I love that my next 4 Seasons of LUX Box has already arrived. It is sitting in front of me, and waiting for me to open it up.

Time to hit "publish" on this blog post so I can open it and see what’s inside.

Check back soon and take a look…


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