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I may have just enjoyed two delicious sugar cookies from my fridge. By “may have,” I mean “definitely did” and I refuse to be anything but ecstatic about it. 

Now, if you were super motivated by the start of the new year, and are setting and smashing health goals as the months roll by, that’s amazing and I am excited for you.

But for me, personally, I find my health and fitness to be a constant struggle. I’m also a firm believer in the idea that there is never a bad time to invest in yourself. Self-care is extremely important to our well-being. I have a feeling though that all the craze of health and fitness means something different to everyone.

No matter who I talk to, goals and habits about fitness and health are always distinct. Here is my theory why: just like your beauty routine, everyone has a unique set of things that suit them, perfectly. Sure, we try new things, we stick with old favourites, and advance our skills. But, each person has a secret formula that is a personal key to success. The beauty in life is found in the growth we take as people, with each year that passes. I think people tend to be a tad hard on themselves, especially when it comes to fitness. My recipe for success is not going to be the same for you. Just because your friend loves rock climbing every day, does not mean you have to commit to getting your precious manicure all chalky...unless you want to.

Every time we chat about this topic at LUX, our different routines and ideas about fitness are so apparent that we thought it would be interesting to take a class together. And, we knew exactly where we would like to go.

Hive Fit Co. is new to Edmonton’s downtown and, on top of being beautiful, this super chic little studio has excellent instructors who know exactly what to do to make you SWEAT. We decided to sign up for a rowing class, so sweat we definitely did. (You’ll have to trust me when I say my Mbeze can take a serious rowing).

The studio is beautifully decorated and has a classy at-home feel, and even more so when you hit the class with some ladies who inspire you most. Lucky for me, I happen to work with my favourites.

I must apologize for the blurriness of this group photo. My arms were weak and shaky after rowing the class.

When talking after the class, it was apparent we all share some insecurities about our routines and ourselves, and how to get the best from both of them.

“I monitor the way I mentally talk to myself when I work out. It's hard not to compare myself to other people in a room full of mirrors and different levels of fitness, so I have to consciously make the choice to focus on just being there. I know that 100% of the time I'm in a gym, I'm making a healthier choice than not being there. So, that's my mantra. That's the thought I interrupt myself with when I start to worry I'm not enough.”
- Marielle

Now, let’s talk about post-workout because for me, in order to get started, I need a solid post-workout plan. The consensus for all us LUX gals was none other than the power of dry shampoo. Let me say this again for those of you in the back of the class: dry shampoo is a life saver.

“I get sweaty four to five times a week, and I wash my hair once or twice a week, all thanks to dry shampoo. I love Prêt-à-Powder for soaking up oil, and I'll mist my hair with Phillip B. Russian Amber Insta-Thick if my hair smells not-so-pretty.”
- Calissa

I think when it comes to each of us and our ideas of health, the vision becomes something different in everyone’s eyes. For some, fitness is a passion. And to others, it’s all we can do to take the stairs to the 4th floor at the office. But, both are okay. Just like it’s okay to be a three-main-products kind of girl or a beauty junkie. It’s about taking care of yourself overall, loving who you are, and finding things you truly enjoy.

I think we can all agree that when you enjoy the aspects of your life that make you healthy and happy you are more likely to do them. And, it never hurts to have a close friend tag along.

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