Self-care Sunday (and Monday…and Tuesday…)

Posted: Mar 15 2017 | Author: Calissa R

How often do you hear people say, “I’m so stressed, I need a vacation!” That was me a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, I am feeling oh-so-relaxed right now while watching the sunset on a beach in Hawaii. This is just what I needed. 

I’ve started thinking though, why do I let myself get to that point where I need a vacation? Can I do more while at home so that I don’t feel those knots in my shoulders, or struggle to fall asleep at night? I know that there will always be stress in life, but why does it take a Hawaiian sunset for me to feel truly relaxed? I know I can do better.

The LUX ladies are experts in so many things (I mean, have you seen Danielle’s eyebrows?), and self-care is one of them. I canvassed the group to find out what they do when they’re stressed, and not surprisingly, they had a wealth of tips to share.

Get outdoors.

“There’s something magical about Terwilliger Dog Park,” says Monica, and Jenn agrees. “No joke, dog parks are the happiest place on earth.” Our city is home to the largest urban green space on the continent (our beautiful river valley) and studies have shown that stress hormone cortisol levels drop when you get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re playing fetch at the dog park, or sipping coffee on the patio at Little Brick, some sunshine and fresh air can clear your mind and refresh your spirit.

Spend time in the bath.

We love a good bath. Does that surprise you?  Sprinkle in some bath salts, oils, or bubble bath (whichever you fancy), dim the lights, and add a Voluspa candle to set the scene. Bring a book, some music, or your thoughts and allow yourself to unwind. “The water makes me feel safe and comfortable," shares Danielle. "If I am going to have a good old sob, it's usually going to be in the bath tub. It's where I decompress and can be miles away from everything, and I do it basically every night.”

Break a sweat.

“Going for a long mindful run in the river valley clears my head and helps me gain perspective,” shares Lydia. “Sometimes I need to bust out some aggression and strength training is great for that.” Our brains love it when we workout, and physical activity produces those feel-good endorphins which leave you with a pep in your step long after the workout. LUX babes Melenie and Angela say yoga is their activity of choice, while Cassidy loves to break a sweat at spin class in Sherwood Park.

Routine on point.

Taking care of ourselves often falls far down on the list of priorities, and setting a self-care schedule can help. “Keeping on routine is very important to me. My morning meditation, hot lemon water, and beauty routine makes me feel so pampered,” says Angela.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Self-care can be as simple as washing your face! “I make a consistent habit of doing my skin care regime every morning and night because it’s a ritual that I enjoy doing,” shares Brittany. And, taking physical care of yourself can lead to an unexpected perk: feeling better emotionally. “When I can look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘Lady, you’re positive and full of goodness and you look like a babe,’ I feel better and can move on from whatever happened that day,” adds Melenie.

Going outside, taking a bath, working out, and taking care of our skin sound like small things, but that’s what makes self-care so special. You don’t need a sunset or a beach to feel good. All it takes is a little time and dedication to yourself and you can drastically improve your physical and emotional well-being. Although a beach in Hawaii doesn’t hurt either...