Minimalism Make Up: A 10x10 Challenge

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Rookie mistakes. Those are the two words that perfectly sum up my foray into a makeup 10x10. 

A makeup 10x10 seemed like a genius idea - a clever innovation on the clothing 10x10, wherein you select 10 items from your closet and with only those pieces you create 10 different looks for 10 days. Now, just switch out clothing for makeup and voila! Makeup 10x10.

Okay, back to the rookie mistakes part. As a person fiercely passionate about ethical fashion and slow fashion, I approach buying clothing slowly, considering how (and if) it works into my closet. Everything has a place and a purpose. But, when it comes to makeup, I know that after five years working for LUX Beauty I have definitely fallen into the more is more category. My makeup collection is extensive, and as much as I love it, I wanted to challenge myself to scale back and focus on the products I love and need. Unfortunately, when taking on this project I sort of did the opposite. 


Mistake #1: 

Pulling products that I otherwise would not have grabbed just to try to force more varied looks. It was the beauty equivalent of buying cargo pants - sure, some women can pull them off, and I have no doubt they are incredibly useful, but I have never had the impulse to pull on a pair. So why the hell was I doing it now?! Start by building your 10x10 with the products you wear every single day. Are there any products that overlap with use? Great! Then pick the one you love more and keep adding your can’t live without until you reach that magic number. Ladies, a 10x10 isn’t for the faint of heart.

Beauty Fail #2: 

Compromise is key. I currently own at least 15 lipsticks. I love and wear each and every one of them, but that’s not the point of a 10x10. It’s only 10 days so make those hard cuts. What are things you can live without? You know, those two red lipsticks that you love and are only slightly different shades. A 10x10 is about making tough choices and really focusing on the one you can’t live without. Arguably my worst makeup skill, I found this to be the hardest. But, gently reminding myself that it was only for 10 days made it easier to tuck those silver medal choices back into my makeup drawer.

Beauty Fail #3: 

I’d have to say this is the most important of all the mistakes I made. Hold yourself accountable. I work from home, so some days I skip getting ready pretty much all together. The key to being accountable to the 10 looks in 10 days is having to share it with someone else. Through social media, you can be held accountable to actually completing your mission with Instastories and daily posts. Having an audience check in on you means they can call you out if you skip a few days or they can point out if Day 4 looks an awful lot like Day 2. 

So, starting today, I will be posting daily my 10x10 look to LUX’s Instastories with a shot of the products I’m using that day as well as my final look. No internet magic, just a girl and her makeup 10x10. Tune in, let me know what looks you love, and feel free to join in the challenge! 


My 10 x 10 List 

Stila One Step Prep 
Kevyn Aucoin 'Ariana' Blush
Blinc Mascara 
Kevyn Aucoin Defining Brown Eye Liner 
RMS 'Diabolique' Lip-to-Cheek 
Lipstick Queen 'Private Party' 
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer 
Rouge Bunny Rouge 'Catbird' Eyeshadow
Stila Eyeshadow Palette in 'Mind' 
Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight 

The Results!

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