Natural Deodorant


What it is: A natural alternative to traditional sticks in a full size, eco-friendly tube.

How it works: All-natural ingredients, including organic grape seed, coconut and sunflower oils, keep underarms smelling fresh. Follow up with MBeze Dabber Dust to control moisture.
Why you like: The light and fresh fragrances are perfect, wherever you go. Dabber Dust works wonders as a body power or even dry shampoo!
Pick your scent!
Twice Shy: Raspberry & pink grapefruit
Cruizee: Cucumber, jasmine & mint tea
Koko Haze: Coconut & roasted hazelnut
Ife: Strawberry & musk
Aim to Please: Cherry blossom & sandalwood
Sweet Sanura: Orange and Egyptian musk
Once Bitten: Apple & vanilla
Me- Unscented
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