Viva LUX Vegas - It's Our Birthday!

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The countdown is on to our biggest, best day of the year: our birthday party! If you've not yet experienced it for yourself, you're likely to have heard about the line up that stretches out the door on a chilly, snowy April morning (because it wouldn't be Edmonton without that, right?).

Why is this event worth standing in the cold for? Why is this day such a special one for us? Besides celebrating another year of business, it's one big fun-filled day of everything we love to do at LUX, and then some.

Everyone's a Winner

Did you know that our buyer Monica spends months painstakingly working with our brands to curate the perfect swag bag? She's distilled its creation to an art form, finding balance between the types of products and brands for you to try, making sure everyone who makes a $50 purchase leaves with a little bag of joy. And that's just the beginning...

She also works tirelessly to collect some amazing items for the big winners (that would be everyone) on our Wheel of Chance! For anyone who spins, prizes ranging from our favourite lip balms to some litres of Bumble and Bumble hair care are on the line.

And, lastly, we love to highlight our favourite brands and new collections in our incredible gift baskets! Each purchase earns tickets to the draw, and new golden tickets are also in the mix for a FREE makeup lesson in our beauty lounge. So many ways to win the jackpot!

It's a Show, Girl!

Come for the prizes, stay for the party. This ain't your ordinary day shopping at LUX. It begins with a brainstorming session to come up with a unique theme to kick off the event. Once we've settled on the theme, it's all about the costumes! Elvis, sparkles and feathers, anyone? Bonus points to any guests who dress in-theme along with us!

The music will keep you moving and grooving like you're at a Britney stage show and the locally-made sweet treats will be flowing to keep the energy high. We've had cupcakes, cookies and cake in the past...what goodies await you this year?

Spotlight on You

While this is a celebration of our business and our time on the High Street, this day is really all about YOU. Without your enthusiasm, energy and love for all things beauty, none of this would be possible. This event is our way of taking everything you've given to us and giving it all right back atcha. It makes the day so special to have all our clients in our space, and getting to meet everyone and share in the joy of products that bring us all together. 

So, see you Saturday?

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