Meet the Team : Monica

Posted: Nov 06 2014 | Author: LUX Staff

At LUX, we love making friends with everyone who walks through our door, and many of you will have recognized the faces we’ve featured here so far. BUT, there are a few of us making things work behind the scenes who you never get to see.

Today, we’re happy to introduce you to one of the latest additions to our team. She is responsible for every bit of beauty you see on our shelves. Say hello to Monica, LUX’s new Buyer!

Hi! I’m Monica, and I joined the LUX team about a month ago as the store’s buyer. I’m the one who makes sure we order in all the products you already love…and I’m always on the hunt for exciting new things to try!

How did you find us and decide to apply to be our buyer?

Well, my first experience at LUX was about a year ago, I came in for a make-up appointment and had such a great experience and conversation with my artist. It was just so much fun and I had thought “wow it would be amazing to work here!”. Then this past summer my friend brought it to my attention that you were hiring and here I am!

What has been your favourite thing about being at LUX so far?

Can I narrow it down to three things?

First, whenever I am working in the back of the store, I love to eavesdrop a little and hear the joy and friendship between the clients and our staff. It’s just such a good feeling to hear people having fun here and that I am a part of that, even indirectly.

Second, I love the product selection here and it’s a dream to be able to choose what to bring in and play with it all. I love skincare.

And finally, I love the LUX team! Everyone here is amazing and they all make it so much fun to come in to work every day.

Have you picked out any faves so far?

Oooh. I am a little biased, but Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser…I love that stuff.  Also the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Those are just a treat when chilling at home.

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Well, I am OBSESSED with Christmas, so I am looking forward to being in a place that is just as excited as I am about it. You just can’t beat that magical feeling of the season. I can’t wait to see our new window display.

Any sneak peeks to some of the Holiday treats that are coming in?

You’ll just have to wait until the big launch party on November 15th to see…but I can tell you the JinSoon collection for holiday is beyond gorgeous.

Who is your fashion and beauty muse?

Diane Kruger comes to mind for fashion and Gisele Bundchen for beauty (Obviously!)

What playlist are you jammin’ to these days?

The Blogged 50 playlist on Songza is my no-fail go to. Seriously, listen to it!