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My first 4 Seasons of LUX Box arrives at my doorstep and I’m staring at the unopened box in my hands, beyond excited to know what’s in it. I want to tear into the box right away. But I’ve promised myself I won’t even peek until I get this first blog post written.

In early spring, Jenn approached me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out the 4 Seasons of LUX, yet another amazingly creative idea from the ladies at LUX Beauty Boutique.

The description on the website perfectly captures the essence of the 4 Seasons of LUX box as:

Imagine, the weather is changing, the season is shifting, and you’re inside unpacking a gift box filled with beauty essentials custom selected to get you through the next three months. What could be more delightful?

I couldn’t agree more.


The plan outlined by the lovely LUX ladies was simple: They would send me a box filled with several products in it once every season for a year. And I would write a blog post reviewing each box I receive, taking photos of the goodies, and sharing what I loved about what was inside.

So, as I mentioned, my first box has arrived but I haven’t even opened it. And yet I still feel compelled to tell you the reasons why I love this idea so much already.

Reason #1: I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: The products are delivered. Right. To. Your. Door. As someone who likes trying new products but a) doesn’t have time to do much shopping and b) feels completely intimidated by the vast selection of products out there with no clue where to start, the 4 Seasons of LUX box could not be more perfect.

Reason #2: Not only does LUX deliver new products right to your door (I told you I’d mention that again), but they also do the shopping for you. The ladies at LUX select everything with you in mind. But, it is NOT a one-size-fit all box of products where the same contents are sent to you, your mom, and your 80-year-old grandmother. LUX sends you an online survey, and then uses your personal responses to select the products. The products are chosen FOR you, but customized BY you. Brilliant.

Reason #3: You can purchase the box for someone else. And I love this idea. Maybe you and your friends are looking for a gift for someone you know who’s getting married? Or maybe you’re looking for a year-round gift idea for your mom that covers off her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and a “Just Because” day in between. There you go. All your shopping done for the year.

About me and this blog post series…

While I love trying new products – and first started shopping at LUX more than 10 years ago – most weeks I don’t even have enough time to shop for groceries never mind shop for myself.

I’m in my last year of my 30s (well, actually, my last two months but who’s counting). My two girls (and a dog!) are young and active. I recently returned to work full time since having children. And, sadly, my beauty routine has taken a serious back seat to everything else. If I was to define my style, I would probably call it “minimalist” at best. In the past few years, though, I’ve become super aware of what I put in my body and on my body, and try to use products that are as natural as possible.

I currently use a combination of both natural and regular products: Coola or Green Beaver for sunscreen, Sukin natural moisturizer, Bumble and Bumble for hair products, Blinc mascara (daily, without fail), Stila or Sappho for foundation, natural bath products from Silk Road Tea, and Kodo body oil (love this new brand).

So, now that my first blog post is done, I’m ready to open the box. Want to see what’s inside?? Stay tuned to find out…as it says on the 4 Seasons of LUX page, “What could be more delightful?”

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