5 Tips to Strengthen your Brow Game

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By Sina Zere, Waxpert at Buff Wax Spot

Here at LUX Beauty Boutique, you know we love a good brow. To share the love of how to rock a killer brow that frames the face, we’ve partnered with Edmonton’s Queen of Wax, Sina Zere of Buff Wax Spot, for our Banging Brows event on Saturday, August 19! (Register Here>)

In anticipation for the main event, we asked Sina to dish out some waxpert advice on nailing the perfect brows.

1. Ask for a Consult
At Buff Wax Spot we do a thorough brow consult with you right off the bat to make sure we’re all on the same page with your brow goals. Whether you’re growing them out, want a dramatic reshaping, or just touching them up, we’ve got you. Don’t be shy – ask your Wax Technician for exactly what you want.

2. Beware of Retinol
Stop using prescription-strength anti-aging products (containing retinol) or anti-acne products for 7-14 days leading up to your appointment. It can lead to localized skin discoloration, redness, irritation and severe dryness.The exception is full strength daily Accutane – you cannot get waxed while on this medication.

3. Spill the Beans
Let your Wax Technician know if you've had a facial, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal or a peel in the last seven days. They’ll need this info to decide whether or not your skin is ready for waxing and to prevent any irritation.

4. Not All Wax is Created Equal
Buff Wax Spot sources the best hard wax on the market. It’s expensive and difficult to get ahold of, but whatever. It. Is. The. Best. A high quality wax means less pain, no ingrowns and an efficient waxing experience.

5. After-Wax TLC
Try to avoid makeup, sweating and touching your face post-wax to prevent skin irritation and breakouts. We know, you’re skin feels silky smooth but you gotta be hands off girl.

Join us on Saturday, August 19th for the ultimate brow experience. Sina will be here shaping brows in her signature, pain-free Buff style and makeup artist Cassidy will customize a tutorial to get perfect brows everyday. Snag your spot today here >>

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