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The Halloween mood is slowly creeping up on us at LUX, so we grabbed one of our gals and decided to show you how to do two simple make-up looks for you to try this Halloween!

The Cat: A Halloween classic

Get the Look: 

  • Begin by prepping the face with a CC cream to even out color tone.
  • Use a liquid foundation on a brush all over to even skin tone and create a blank canvas.
  • Dust a mineral foundation over top with a wide fluffy brush to set the base.
  • Lightly cover eyelids in a neutral shadow, with a slightly darker tone in the crease.
  • With liquid or gel eyeliner create a bold angled cat-eye using an angled brush. Begin in the center of your lash line to the corner of your eye, then trace a line from the outer corner in the direction of the end of your eyebrow for the wing. Then thicken the entire line starting from your inner corner. (TIP: If your cat-eye is uneven, instead of adding more and more liner, dip a pointed brush in make-up remover for touch ups on the heavier side.)
  • Line your bottom waterline with black pencil liner.
  • Hi-light the inner corners of your eyes with a luminizer.
  • Coat lashes in a black mascara, top lashes only.
  • Using a pencil liner or black smudge stick, outline then fill the bottom bow of your nose. You’ll notice the shape is very feline.
  • Draw a line from the bottom of your nose straight down to your cupids’ bow.
  • On your top lip, line the shape with pencil liner and fill with a smudge stick.
  • Fill the bottom lip with a light neutral lipstick.
  • To finish your feline look, draw a few whisker dots on your cheeks with a sharpened eyeliner pencil.
  • Me-ow!


What We Used: Per-fekt Skin Perfection CC Cream –  Luminous – $48 // Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel – Luminous – $68 //Geisha Ink Loose Mineral Foundation – Chiyo #2- $42 // Geisha Ink Ultra Volume Mascara – Black – $30 // RMS Living Luminizer – $44 // Stila Smudge Crayon – Black – $29 // Stila Smudge Pot – Black Cat – $26 // Paul & Joe Pencil Eyeliner – Black – $30 // Stila Color Balm Lipstick – Olivia – $29

Doll Face: A girly look that can be dressed up cute or creepy!

Get the Look:

  • Prep the skin with a liquid foundation. You’ll want to create a pale base to enhance the doll look. Mix in a shade lighter than normal.
  • ‘White out’ the lips with liquid foundation on a kabuki brush and stipple it over the lips until they match your skin tone.
  • Set with mineral powder.
  • Dust pale pink or neutral eyeshadow over eyelids.
  • Create a cat-eye liner with a liquid eyeliner pen, having the wing extend out towards the base of your eyebrow.
  • Using the eye-liner pen, flick a few lines from the bottom corner of the eyes to create doll-like bottom lashes.
  • Coat eye-lashes on both sides with a volumizing mascara. Coat top and bottom lashes.
  • Cut a pair of false eye-lashes in three-quarter/ one-quarter pieces. Take the larger section and glue along the lash line on the top starting from the outer corner. Take the smaller section of lashes and apply to the bottom lash line on the outer corner as well. Super doll lashes!
  • With a cream based blush and a large kabuki brush, create a bright blushing cheek using a circular motion on the apples. Don’t be afraid of using too much.
  • With a smaller brush and a powder blush, create a more defined cheek circle with a glowing ombré effect.
  • Line and fill half the lips with bright pink lipstick.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush, making sure that the lips are symmetrical.
  • Voila!


What We Used: Sigma Round Kabuki brush -$35 // Paul & Joe Foundation – 00 and 10 – $50 ea.  //Geisha Ink Loose Mineral Foundation – Chiyo #2- $42 // Geisha Ink Ultra Volume Mascara – Black – $30 // Geisha Ink Liquid Eyeliner Pen -Black- $30 // Eyemimo False Eyelashes – $12 //  RMS Lip2Cheek – Demure – $42 // Stila Custom Color Blush – Self-Adjusting Pink – $26 // Stila Color Balm Lipstick – Betsey – $29

You can also book an appointment in store for your Halloween look this season! Our make-up artists can transform you into a fierce fox, darling deer, or opulent owl! Fancy a dramatic masquerade mask look ? Or just want to get extra glammed up for a spooktacular night? Call 780-451-1423 to book!


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