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RMS is a highly anticipated brand at LUX. Celebrities love it and magazines tout its amazing nourishing and healing powers; all the while maintaining your fashionable and glamorous look.

RMS was created by fashion make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift who wanted to change the face of cosmetics. She wanted to remove toxic chemicals and help women everywhere claim the right to healthy beauty. Based on ingredients that are non-toxic and pure organics, RMS cosmetics are effective and healthful. They enhance your natural beauty- not cover it up.

Many of the colors are creme based, meant to be applied with your hands, allowing your touch to activate the product, and let nutrients interact with the skin to promote hydration, softness and luminosity. The nature of this also opens up doors for you to experiment and play!

Our staff have absolutely flipped for this line and we’ve only had it in our hands for a few days!

“The Living Luminizer is my favorite because it looks amazing on everyone and isn’t too obvious. It’ll make people notice how amazing your skin looks, without noticing the product blatantly sitting on your skin.” – Natasha

“It blends like a dream when using multiple products. The Lip2cheek colors look amazing and adapt to different skin tones” – Danielle

“Being a cream based product it blends into the skin beautifully. The Lip2cheek has great pigment/colour payoff and stays on all day. I felt okay eating my lip stuff (not on purpose!) because I knew the ingredients were safe.” – Lauren

“The shimmery Cream Shadows are my absolute fave! They blend so well and the colours look great on everyone! You can build them and mix them to be really sassy or use a light layer for everyday.” – Rachel

Intrigued? We hope so. Stop by the shop or book a make-up demo today to discover the magic of RMS Beauty.

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