The Sweet Sixteen Diaries

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In preparation for our upcoming 16th birthday bash we've been finding ourselves taking a walk down memory lane. From flipping through previous #LUXBDAY posts (How to Rule the Birthday / Birthday's Past), digging out pastel eye shadow and frosted lip gloss, and cringing at old photos, we're a little birthday crazy. While for some of us the trip back to 16 is a bit shorter than others, for all of us it was wonderful to reminisce about who we were and what made our lives magical that year. 

So please enjoy these top secret confessions and we can't wait to hear all about your 16th year at our birthday this Saturday! 

What was your biggest dream, hope for your life when you turned sixteen?

"I'm pretty sure I wanted to be a tattoo artist and live in LA. Still a pretty epic dream" - Britt B. 

"I wanted to move to a big city and put myself out there. I can check that one off the list" - Calissa R. 
"I was pretty set on rescuing a bunch of animals or being an animal foster (my parents weren't thrilled with this one). That and getting my drivers license." - Amiee S. 

"I wanted to become a professional skateboarder. From the time I was 13, I was the biggest tomboy and would spend most Saturday's in a local medicentre, tending to a broken finger, sprained ankle or concussion or building mini launch ramps in the back yard with my sister." - Melanie M.

"I was dreaming of the amazing, world changing career I would have. And an amazing closet. " - Sarah R.  

What mattered most in your life?

"Friends, at that point in your life they are all that matters. A bittersweet kind of thing." - Danielle D. 

"Riding horses and getting my license and driving anywhere I wanted (freedommmm)" - Natasha Ross 

"My friends, my drivers license and designer jeans" - Monica D. 

"I was really driven as a teenager. My world revolved around sports, school and cute boys" - Marielle T. 

What was your best ever memory from that year?

"I moved from small town Warburg to the big city of Leduc!" - Alia B. 
" My mom took my best friend and I to Pemberton music festival in the mountains." - Elizabeth L. 
" It seems to be a toss up between the epic overnighter at my high school complete with blanket fort with my friends in the library, getting asked by the boy I liked to go to his grad, and visiting Montreal with my family" - Katryna Y. 
Singing around the campfire at my friend's acreage, bush parties in the River Valley, Block 4 spare, the after-school extracurriculars, driving around late at night talk talk talking (and dreaming) in the rain." - Jenn G. 

"Teens are a difficult time for everyone, I am sure of this. And I was a particularly difficult teenager, although I was really good at not getting into trouble, I was definitely causing it. My most fond memory of that year was snapping out of my bad attitude and being nicer to my Mom." - Danielle D. 


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