The LUX To Do List: April

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The season best suited for exploring is spring. With the sudden bursts of new life and the resurgence of old, retracing your steps in the familiar seems like stepping down entirely new paths. It's a time to plan big trips, check-in on your New Year's resolutions, and look forward to the season unfolding all around you. 
This month we're eager to adventure into the unknown, and especially excited about celebrating life as April is LUX's birthday month which is just one of our fabulous To Do List events. So pull on your sandals (because the snow is finally gone!) and get to the endless adventure that awaits you just outside your doorstep! 
Sweet Sixteen: Relive your 'Pretty in Pink' days with our Sweet Sixteen birthday on April 16. There'll be swag bags, spin-the-wheel, raffle prizes and of course cake! As always, our birthday is one event you won't want to miss!
The Final Puck Drop: Enjoy one last chance to sit in Oil Country at Rexall and watch the last NHL hockey game to ever be played at there on April 6. It's the end of an era after all. Get your tickets here
The Classics: There's nothing quite like a story that can stand the test of time so this month spend a little time re-watching (or falling in love for the first time) with classic tales. Catch Casablanca at the the Metro Cinema and West Side Story at the Citadel. 
Get Cultured: Check out some of Edmonton's best local artists at this months 'Culture Collective' featuring live music and some amazing talent hosted by the ever-handsome Julian Faid. Find out more here
Part Time Detective: Channel your inner sleuth and solve a crime like a true detective at the newest exhibit at the Telus World of Science ' The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes '. Find out more here. ... And if you want another case to crack be sure to get tickets for Fort Edmonton's murder mystery night. Find out more here
Release Parties: Two female powerhouses are releasing albums this month. Marlaena Moore is releasing her album 'Gaze' at 9910 (before touring it to Sled Island) and Cayley Thomas is releasing 'Weird Love' at The Needle. Find out more about the release party for 'Gaze' here and for 'Weird Love' here.  
Comedy Ablaze: Bonfire Festival is Rapid Fire Theatres chance to try out new long forms, break all the rules and take huge risks. With shows entitled ARTificial Intelligence, Game of Thrones and Drunk Tank, you'll have a hard time choosing which one to see. Find out more here. 

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