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Hello! My name is Brittany May but you can call me Britt, I’m a makeup artist here at LUX and I am excited to add my voice to our blog. Hopefully some of you reading this have already met me in person!

I’m super interested in finding out what the must-have items the LUX ladies carry in our purses/bags/backpacks. I often see people and think, "She's so chic! That bag is pretty nice too...I absolutely need a bag like that....I wonder what she's carrying around with her...". So I figured we would start with mine.

My bag is practically as important as the home I live in. It has all the things that keep me comfy, happy, and together every single day. These are my "must-have, would-trek-up-a-mountain-with-them" items. (Though,to be honest the only mountains I’m trekking are the stairs at Ezio Faraone Park.) 

The first item on my list is the Tata Harper Lip Balm in Be Adored. The subtle pinkish red tone of this balm and its wonderful plumping properties takes my dehydrated lips from pale to full/healthy looking with one application. I didn’t drink a glass of water all day, but I can see a difference when I put this on. Its the perfect mixture of "I have nothing on" balm and the reddish tinge of “I’m going out.”

RMS Un-coverup in 33 is always with me. They don’t call this uncovered for nothing. It is the opposite of making you feel like you're wearing a mask. The way the coconut oil base melts into the skin makes it a easy product to touch up any redness throughout the day. I also love this because it doesn’t highlight any dry skin or look unnaturally matte. Hello easy, quick, flawlessness!

Prêt-à- Powder is lovely and the mini size of this one is genius. Some days there just isn’t time for things like showers, especially when sleep is on the line. I use my full size bottle as a style extender at home the first time I style my hair. The mini one comes in once I feel my hair is getting... slightly questionable. I pop the little Prêt in my bag and I’m good to go for a morning coffee with a friend.

I have bought the RMS Lip2Cheek in every colour we carry. If I was best friends with a makeup product this would be it, it's always there for me. I like the texture and the dual use of it and so little goes such a long way. A little colour on the cheeks and lips just makes me feel better overall and super quickly. I can use my finger tips to apply, knowing that this product is naturally antibacterial. Nothing but wins for this product in my opinion.

And lastly, Kevyn Aucoin Brow Gel in Warm Blonde As a person with super sparse brows filling my brows is essential. That doesn’t mean I don’t forget sometimes when I leave the house; I get to my jeep and notice that there is definitely something missing on my face. Or I go to the gym then shower them off. No thank you. So I always keep backup on the eyebrow front, one at home and one in my bag makes zero chance of eyebrow disasters.

I invite you to think about what products you love to tote around with you and let us know! What are your must-haves?

My bag is from KGB studio line.

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