Indulge in the New Year

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We’re almost two weeks into 2016 and I’m still writing 2015 on everything. In fact, I just started this blog post by saying “we’re almost two weeks into 2015”. The transition into the new year is tough; coming back from enjoying nothing but turkey, chocolate and wine and those I’m-not-even-thinking-of-getting-dressed-today days can be jarring…but it's time to come back to routine.

We have to come back to long days at work, and eating a (mostly) well-balanced diet and a home without the glow of your Christmas tree. We have face tight deadlines and running errands when you just want to lie in bed watching Netflix.

I’m not saying these things to be depressing—even if it might sound like I am—this is just reality. In these first two weeks, reality can seem not so appealing, but there are two sides to every coin.

What if we embraced coming back to a feeling of crushing those deadlines at work, planning a great meal with your friends and walking into a space that is so clean that it shines. If we start to focus on the wins that are sure to come in the months ahead, the prospect that the holidays are over is actually quite exciting.

If you are feeling the post-holiday blues, we understand—most of us have been there. When you’re longing for those last days of December, it can be difficult to jump right in to the positive spirit, but we find it helps to treat yourself nicely. Indulge a little.

We suggest taking an extra long bubblebath, taking a walk in the sunshine, looking at your suddenly wide-open social calendar and plan in a few girls nights, or date nights, or 'me' nights. It could be making that extra stop at Duchess this week, or diving into that exciting new hobby.

The magic warm-fuzzies of the holidays are infused into your daily life when you pamper yourself just a bit. May I suggest coming to a darling little beauty shop in the high street as a great place to start indulging?

These first few weeks can be hard, but the New Year is always full of amazing opportunities, so we’re welcoming this year with open arms, and we’re looking forward to learning and growing and indulging with you.. 

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