Out With The Old, In With The Vintage

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New year, new you! This is a phrase that has been ringing in my head since the fireworks went off at midnight on December 31. There's this pervading idea that the start of a New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better you, it's a chance to reinvent yourself, to be even better than the year before. And frankly with all these resolutions hanging heavy in the air I found myself a tad overwhelmed. 

So in the wake of the spirit of reinvention I thought I should consult an expert.
Enter the LUX queen of reincarnation: Sarah R.  

Sarah has been expertly shopping vintage since she started University, well before Macklemore made it cool. She unofficially cites her love of vintage to her unfailing belief that you can give second lives to beautiful pieces and very officially blames her mom for the shopping addiction. Pulling inspiration from style icons like Olivia Palermo and the Olson twins, Sarah's never one to shy away from a bold look. 

Getting to spend the day with Sarah and watching her pull looks from her ever-growing vintage collection was the perfect remedy for my 'New Year New Me' anxiety. There's nothing like seeing all the potential in something that has lost its shine from years gone by repurposed into something great.

So to inspire the reinvention in you Sarah graciously wrote up 10 Style Commandments and posed in a few of her favourite looks (and yes those pieces are all Value Village)!  





Sarah's 10 Style Commandments

1. Interested in trying a trend? Try value village or thrift stores first. This way you can try the trend without a large monetary commitment. Want to try overalls? Check goodwill- you would be amazed at what you can find.
2. Forget checking sizes. Brands in thrift stores are often out dated or use a variety of different fit models and sizing is inconsistent as best. Hold it up, try it on. Embrace oversize.
3. Shop sections. Going through every section and every item in a thrift store will eat up a lot of time. I recommend checking sections. I always check shoes, jackets, dresses, formal wear and men’s blazers. These are sections that stock items I wear consistently in my wardrobe.
4. Forget “special occasion” or asking yourself “where will I wear this?” Feel good in it? Wear it. Don’t save an item that you feel great in for a special occasion, there are plenty of ways to dress an item up or down.
5. Be daring and take risks, clothing and style is just for fun and is meant to change, shift and morph dependent on your mood, emotions and the day.
6. Break all of the rules. You are a person, not a pear or apple. Wear what makes you feel beautiful, strong, powerful or any other adjective that speaks to you.
7. Dress for yourself. You get to define what great style or being well dressed means for you.
8. Mix high and low, trends and classic pieces and accessorize with jewelry, hats, scarfs, and bags.
9. I never met a texture I didn’t like or want to add to my outfits. Texture keeps things interesting.
10. Seek inspiration from everywhere: Pinterest, street style, women or men that have great style, books, magazines, blogs. I don’t think you can ever have too much inspiration or beauty in your life.

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