Yoga in the Park

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On a cool, crisp, overcast Thursday morning, a handful of the LUX ladies took to Ezio Farone park overlooking the river valley to calm their minds, bodies and souls for a custom yoga class, taught by our very own Melenie. There were laughs, headstands and a few drops of rain on our faces and we've pretty much decided that it has to happen more often.

Mel has been at LUX for nearly a year and a half, but has been in the practice of yoga for over 10.  Seeking balance in her life during a high energy, stressful job, yoga brought Mel the 'chill time' she desired that helped her find centre. It's also a creative outlet for her to push herself without any pressure. Learning how to complete a proper headstand was a confidence building endeavor she will never forget. "The day I was able to do it without the wall was the day I felt like I could do anything. It's an unreal feeling. It's the same I had when I figured out winged eyeliner. It's a mix of challenging, fulfilling and a big personal 'you got this!'"

The class she taught us was very calming, and was based on stretching and relaxing poses, but typically, she'll teach something with a little more vigor. "My favourite types of classes are powerful, fast and full of energy. It's a joke that I tell my students to curse the day I was born for making them work hard. But in the end it's always worth it haha. For those classes I love having Arctic Face mist with me. It's so refreshing. You just spritz it everywhere and you just feel so happy as it lands, and you feel the success of your practice."

For her own practice, it's 6 days a week for Mel. Setting up in her home space, Ollie her 2 year old puppy settles into the vibe of the room. "I want to teach him to down dog with me on command. We can practice together and boop noses. That's my dream." But that time spent for herself and Ollie is everything she needs. A perfect day? "A trip to the dog park, a beautiful yoga practice, then tossing a Mending mask in my hair, a GlamGlow mud mask to clear out my skin, plus a tall cool glass of lemon water. That would pretty much be the best day ever."

One short hour after sitting on the hill top, we were back at LUX, surrounded by beauty of a different sort. I asked Mel about the connections she felt between her world in beauty and in yoga.

"It's really all about feeling beautiful inside, getting rid of hangups and negativity towards yourself and that that will make you feel beautiful. Once that's settled you get to just play with the outside. Makeup is fun, artistic and creative (like yoga) so it all goes hand in hand.
I like bright colours that pop. I love Saint Bright Rose, even when I teach it helps bring attention to me and my words. I also like having my nails done. Students will comment on the electric colours on my toes. When you are leading people you want to look and feel your best. Right now I am playing with the new Deborah Lippman Happy Days colours- they feel like my personality in a bottle."

As for any other tips, she adds "Goe oil is so luxurious on your feet, especially after being bare foot so frequently. It's so soothing. Also, Glacial Face Wash is my favourite for taking away all the dirt and sweat on your skin PLUS it's very calming on your skin where your bra and yoga tops rub against your skin." Lastly, La Fresh wipes are a must for any time of the day perfect to feel "shower fresh before you start your day" or if you take a late class to remove your makeup and calm your senses before starting.

Melenie teaches classes at Westmount Fitness Centre on Tuesdays from 6-7 pm, or visit her during the week at LUX to chat about all things beauty, and yoga.

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