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This year I’ve taken the #exploreAlberta hashtag very seriously. Often when craving adventure, we first think of faraway lands and dream of jetting off somewhere new and exotic. Yes, visiting new places is fantastic and oh-so rewarding, but there’s also something quite special about our own backyard. After all, Alberta is home to Canada’s largest mountain national park (Jasper National Park) and has the world’s richest deposits of dinosaur bones (Dinosaur Provincial Park). We have mountains, we have prairies, and we have hoodoos. There’s so much to see, and what better time than the present to go exploring?

From all the adventures I've been on lately, these are a few of my favourite hikes from my go-to spots in our beautiful province, plus some backpack-friendly products that will help you along your journey.


Banff National Park
Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots

The trail: This 12KM trail will take a few hours to complete and is one of the most popular trails in the Banff area. Starting at the Bow Valley Parkway, the trail takes you through a breathtaking limestone canyon with cascading waterfalls. After passing the canyon, the Ink Pots (also known as mineral water pools) are just a few kilometres away. While the hike will be busy, the views make it absolutely worth it.

The product: The Ultra Volume Mascara by Amaterasu is 100% smudgeproof; whether it’s sweat or mountain spring water on your face, your lashes will be looking long and luscious, even after the hike is done.


Dinosaur Provincial Park
Horsethief Canyon

The trail: This trail is unlike anything else I’ve seen. Named after the criminals who stole and rebranded horses in the settler times, this canyon features bright exposed earth, prickly pear cacti and if you’re lucky, you may find some fossils. This hike is fairly quick, at around 3KM so you’ll have plenty of time to visit the hoodoos and the Royal Tyrell Museum as well.

The product: Jenn gave me this tip and I have to say it’s a total game changer. Hair powder works wonders in your hair to absorb greasies and refresh your style; did you know it can also be used on your bod for the same effect? If your thighs are uncomfortably rubbing together in your shorts, sprinkle some Poppy and Pout Dry Shampoo on each, and you’ll reduce the friction as you power up that mountain side. Also works beautifully to quickly freshen up for the post-hike museum viewing or patio lounging.


Jasper National Park
Mount Edith Cavell Meadow

The trail: One of the best hikes for the summer months, this 7KM trail at Mount Edith Cavell is lined with wildflowers and offers beautiful glacial views.

The product: The views may be beautiful on this hike, but trust me, your feet will not be afterwards. Follow up your post-hike foot soak with Farm House Fresh’s Honey Heel Glaze. This special pedi treat will hydrate, soften, and even disguise callous and blister discolouration. 

I hope that you get outside and explore this summer, whether it’s at home or far away. And like the LUX window says, “Not all who wander are lost.”

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