Mastering the Fundamentals of Eye Makeup

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One of our staffers sat in on a makeup class in our Beauty Lounge last month to learn all about eye makeup. Angela shares all about the experience here. To check out our class schedule and register online, click here!

Q: As a LUX team member you regularly have access to all the makeup products and information in the store, so what made you decide to take a class?

A: I’ve always been of the opinion that classroom format offers a unique learning opportunity, being surrounded by other people who are just as interested as I am. I've lost track of how many times someone has asked the exact question I didn’t know I had! Plus, our makeup artists are amazing and I was keen to get some knowledge tailored specifically to me, which is a bonus of our Beauty Lounge classes.

Q: What was your favourite thing about learning in a group setting?

A: It was wonderful to have a variety of women in the class, as we found common areas to address, regardless of the different looks we were going for. We learned so much about complimenting different eye shapes, or techniques to use in different situations. Learning from others is always useful to me. I often do my sisters’ or friends’ makeup, so I want to hear about all the questions and opinions out there!  

Q: Very cool. What were the top tricks you learned?

A: I was very impressed with variety of things our artists, Cassidy and Annalisa, had taught. We started out with skincare around the eyes - I know that eye creams are important, but tricks for application (always with the ring fingers for the lightest pressure!) were new to me. My favourites are Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream and Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm

Once we got into the makeup, I learned another hack - this one with a product I already use! We all took Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and put them on our undereye area while we worked on our eye makeup. The gels catch any pigment that falls from your makeup brushes. It was surprising how much product fell! From now on when I do an eye feature, I’ll do this. I love discovering a new way to use them.

An essential skin step before putting on any eye shadow is applying an eyelid primer. The primer smooths the surface of the skin, creating an even canvas on which to apply product, and also helps makeup to adhere, which prevents creasing on the lids and makes everything last that much longer.

Q: Those are such useful tips! What kind of eye look did you go for?

A: Actually, Cassidy and Annalisa planned the lesson so we could do two! We started with a daytime, office-appropriate look, then built on that for an evening look or feature eye.

For the day look, we used neutral, matte shadows all over the lid, added a slightly darker transition shade in the crease. I learned that I could create a custom color and look by choosing a few shadow pans to blend between, which is handy with the Stila Eye Shadow Palettes, since there are so many colours to choose from.

We paused at this point, and one of the women in the class piped up, saying this was her perfect day-to-day five minute morning solution, with just a swipe of mascara to perfect the look!

Then, to build this look into a more dramatic eye, we chose a shade a little darker than what was previously used, using a shimmery option if desired, and made a sideways “V”, from the outer corner extending into the crease. I had never realized how vital it is at this point to stop and blend, blend, blend! Using one of the first two fluffier brushes at this point, blending out the darker shadow made for a gorgeous and seamless gradient into deeper shades, something of been shy about in the past.

At this point, deeper colours can be added for even more intensity, or you can move right into liner. Liner is such a fun way to play with an unexpected pop of colour to bring out your eyes! Two of my favourites are the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Eye Definer in Navy on blue eyes and the Amaterasu Eye Pencil in Plum to bring out hazel and brown eyes.

After all that, we peeled off the eye gels to reveal happy, refreshed undereyes, and the only step left was choosing a mascara! The Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara in Bloodroses is absolutely stunning and a little unexpected. However, I keep finding myself coming back to Amaterasu’s Massive Length. (The secret to removing it is in the water temperature. Like any tubing mascara, it will slide off with downward pressure and water - the water needs to be warmer than lukewarm, but not hot. If you use this mascara, try this technique and you’ll thank me!)

Q: It seems like you took away a lot from this class. How have you applied your new-found makeup skills?

A: This class was a lifesaver! We all know how weekends fill up during the summer, right? So of course there’s a day where I have a family bridal shower, an intimate wedding ceremony, then a bachelorette party. Using Stila’s Matte ‘n Metal Palette, I created the first, “daytime” look, choosing “Bohemian”, a metallic light pewter, as the deepest shade. My look lasted all day, even through a +30 outdoor wedding ceremony, where of course I teared up a little!

After rejoining the end of the bridal shower, a bunch of us who were also heading to the bachelorette fancied up our looks for an evening on Whyte Ave. I added depth to my eyes, using the sideways “V” technique for a smokey, dramatic eye - the darkest shade in this look was “Smolder”, a gorgeous gunmetal metallic. The bride asked me to do her eyes, and I was delighted to give her a cat eye look in metallic greys and black.

When the women in the class started chatting different looks and where they’ll use their newly honed eye makeup skills, some questions popped up - what about different brow looks and products? How can liquid liner be used to achieve different eye effects? What’s a split crease and how do I create it? Cassidy and Annalisa grinned and said “that’s advanced eye makeup class!” It was delightful to see people so enthusiastic after just learning the fundamentals! I’ve already used registration to LUX Beauty Lounge classes as a unique gift, and will be keeping  a close eye on the class schedule for expanding my own skill set, too.

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