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There's nothing quite like the feeling of tossing your hair after it's been freshly styled during your latest haircut at the salon. There's also nothing quite like the dread when you have to wash out that impeccable 'do. No matter how many days you try to stretch it, you'll still have to wait 6-8 weeks until your next salon visit to have those smooth, bouncing tresses again.

Apparently, according to magazines and dexterous friends, blow dry styling your hair at home is easy, and anyone can do it. For most of us though, the images of hands, arms and hair tools getting irreversibly intertwined comes quicker to mind. With one notable exception, each and every LUX girl has expressed these feelings of woe and exasperation when talking about styling her hair. So we decided to call in an expert.

Enter Sheenagh, Bumble and Bumble expert and stylist extraordinaire (with the most extraordinary tresses we've ever seen!). Walking us through her personal routine, and going through a curated regime for each of us, she had us styling with the best of 'em in under two hours. Okay, that might be an exaggeration but we did learn a thing or two and are excited to share the biggest lessons from the evening.

Sectioning your hair and how you hold your brush is important.

When most of us think of styling our hair, we tend to section in horizontal layers, from bottom to top. And while that is a totally valid way to section your hair, Sheenagh says you'll get more volume and bounce with vertical sections. Start by dividing your hair into the left and right sides and start at the back and work your sections forward. As you start blow drying, pay attention to the direction of the heat. You'll get the smoothest results by pointing it away from your head, down towards the ends of your hair. 

"I loved [Sheenaugh's] vertical angle technique and putting the heat in the direction of the cuticle...I had no idea! I also learned when I have a blow dryer and round brush in my hand, I lose all motor skills." - Monica


"[The biggest thing I learned was] the angle of holding the blow dryer - to let it blow over the brush, like wind over an airplane wing." - Marielle


The right products (for YOUR hair) are key.

It should come as no surprise that selecting the right products will ensure a better result, but the importance is knowing what to use for your specific hair type. Thick hair with lots of grip will benefit from a softening primer at the roots and some oil to smooth out the ends, while someone with thinner strands can use a thickening spray at the roots to add some volume. Everyone can use a dry shampoo to extend the life of their new bouncy locks. Want to learn more? Stop by and ask us and we'll find the products perfect for your hair.

"Using Tonic everywhere but the roots to prolong wear [was the best tip for me]! I didn't correlate the softening with the need to wash more often. I'm hopeful that I can extend my style even longer now." - Angela


"Directional blow dry was something I always thought was a good idea but the results never lasted very long so I stopped blow drying at all. By adding Surf Spray and Thickening Hairspray to my roots, in combination with directional and sectioned blow dry, I got great texture and volume. And a true testament was that this morning all I did was run a brush through my hair to smooth things out a touch. My hair still looks great and people noticed!" - Lydia


Practice makes perfect.

As with all things worthwhile in life, these techniques take time and practice to master. Even those of us who feel that we know what we are doing always have something new and interesting to learn. You can do it!

"I went in thinking, 'I've been blow drying my hair for 15 years, I've got my technique down,' and it turned out to be the best two hour workshop of my life!

#1. I learned a new way to section my hair, which gives a slightly different effect.

#2. I had a chance to experiment with new styling products under supervision.

#3. I learned a new, better way to blow dry my bangs, which are equally my obsession and (when they grow too long) the bane of my existence.

#4. And finally, best of all, I learned once and for all how to tackle and tame the multitudes of cow licks on my crown which, up until now, mess up even my most careful blowouts." - Jenn

At the end of the session, we were all in awe of the knowledge we found ourselves equipped with. It was invigorating to discover that we could all accomplish something we once thought would be completely impossible, with such swishy results.

At your next salon appointment, don't be afraid to ask your stylist for a few tips or techniques for learning yourself at home. There's something special about rocking your voluminous tresses with confidence, knowing that you created it yourself. We had such success as a class that we created a workshop for clients shortly afterwards, and everyone had a blast. Keep an eye on our events calendar for new and upcoming sessions!

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