The Art of Christmas Cards

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Yesterday afternoon the snow began to fall, finally turning Edmonton into a winter wonderland. For the first time this month it is starting to feel like Christmas is around the corner. Although it's beautiful, this weather makes it increasingly easy to lose touch with our friends and family (you can thank warm blankets and Netflix for that...). Even with modern technology something still remains so intentional about taking pen to paper. 

This week we met with Lu Mascaro, the owner and artist behind Uppercase Press, to talk about the art of letter writing and the importance of Christmas Cards. She has recently moved into a new studio less than a block away from us and we are so excited to have her has a new neighbour. 

Lu's cards perfectly match the recent snowfall with their clean and crisp aesthetic. She writes down phrases and ideas all year long to come up with her clever and sarcastic cards. She designs, mixes colours and presses her work all by hand. Her cards are brilliantly understated and an absolute work of love.

Letters have always played an important part in Lu's life, and it's apparent when you chat with her. Her face lights up as she talks about being able to create things for people to cherish. During our visit she shared stories about wedding invitations she's kept from years ago. She can look back at her box of stationary and remember moments of joy, love and kindness in her life. To Lu paper is far from disposable, but rather a concrete way to share real feelings regardless of distance. 

So this year before sending out an animated elf gif or a mass text to your phone contact list, Lu encourages taking a minute and reflecting on the significant relationships in your life. To write each card from the heart as an acknowledgement of the past year and the time you shared with that person. Taking the time, stresses Lu, is the most important part to writing a good letter. It's a chance to share your adoration in a way that will outlast a new sweater and keep a person warm for much longer. 

If you're as smitten with her work as we are, you can pick up her cards at the upcoming Royal Bison Craft Fair, at Carbon or Habitat Etc



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