Holiday Party Style Guide Part II

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A highlight of the Holiday season is the excuse for gatherings. A chance to reconnect, break out champagne, to deck the halls and dance late into the night. It's one of the many unspoken ways that we warm our hearts during the darkest time of the year.

Early this week we kicked off our Holiday Party Style Guide, talking about the must-attend parties of the year and more importantly, what to wear to them. With the vast range of dress codes for the multitude of events around December it can feel daunting to decide what to wear. 

Today we're talking about the last of the three looks (check out what to wear to a family soiree and an all night Holiday dance-fest here) the office Christmas Party and as a bonus we're revealing some of our go to makeup tips and tricks for a flawless and photo ready party face. 

The Office Party 


The biggest takeaway we found styling all three looks is balance. In this case that balance is between looking professional but still shaking it up a bit from the day to day. Monochromatic outfits are a office staple but try to add a pop of colour and texture to your look. We loved mixing fur, lace and plaid for the trifecta of winter trends. 

This look was styled using apparel from Floc Boutique

 Behind the Scenes: Get the Look

After pulling these looks together, Marielle decided to share a few tips to make sure even a make-up novice can get the look they want for any event that comes their way. 

1. Brushes 101. You'd be amazed the difference having the right tools can make when trying to get a specific look. Mel is wearing a brown smokey eye which is made possible by blending, blending and then blending a little more. This sigma brush is essential to creating that coveted smokey eye. 

2. Control Lighting. Contouring is the easiest way to fake cheek bones, look awake and positively glowing. Check out our Pinterest Boards for some step by steps on how to contour

3. Lipstick Confidential. In a rush, feeling washed out? Bold lipstick is my go to. I love using it to rock 'The French Girl' look (red lipstick, messy hair, and next to no other makeup). For events having a go-to red is a purse must. 

4. Finishing Touches. It may seem like painting your nails is an easy thing to skip over, but painted nails just look so much more pulled together in a photo. If you're pressed for time pick a highly pigmented polish and just do one coat and then finish with Seche Vite. It will take less than 10 minutes and you'll look like you had endless time to get ready. 

5. Confidence. As a photographer and performer I would say this is the most important part to rocking any look in any situation. Pick outfits that make you feel good, wear makeup that you're comfortable with, and even if you're nervous or feel out of place at an event, I guarantee someone feels just like you do. Take a breath, and remind yourself that you are interesting, unique and worth getting to know. And if all else fails remind yourself that you can always do a lap, go home and curl up with a Christmas movie. 

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