Unique Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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We've been surrounded by pumpkin treats and mini candy bars all week as October draws to a close. Halloween can bring out the child in all of us but unfortunately getting ready for it can get lost in the shuffle of every day errands and commitments. Feeling strapped for time definitely adds a stress that takes awat the youthful sense of imagination around choosing a costume.

This year LUX wanted to come up with last minute costumes that were a little unexpected and coy, but just as easy as putting on a pointy black hat and grabbing a broom. So here is our treat for all your tricksters, Happy Halloween from all of us at LUX! 


The Key Costume Pieces

A simple twist on the classic last minute Toga costume, this Greek-mythology inspired Medusa costume requires only three costumes pieces to be ready to go. In addition to the flowing white gown, robe or toga (Red Ribbon graciously provided the outfit in these photos), you'll need a handful of small rubber snakes (we picked ours up at Theatre Garage) and a pair of fishnet tights for the makeup application. 

The Simple Makeup Steps 

The key to this makeup look is the application of faux-scales. Although it looks advanced, it's actually quite easy to do. 

1. Pull your fishnet tights over your head and allow the stockings to cover all of your forehead.
2. Using a turquoise or green eye shadow, lightly apply the eyeshadow into each of the spaces in the fishnets in a V-shape. 
3. Then, apply a gold and glittery shadow or loose powder into random spaces of the fishnet to create a iridescent scale effect. 
4. Very gently remove the fishnet stocking, and finish off the rest of your Greek-inspired look with a lot of bronzer, illuminator and a soft smokey bronzed eye lid. 
5. Lastly to create that sinister lip, use an Oxblood lipstick and then finish it with a little bit of that gold eyeshadow in the center of the lip. 

Then just weave snakes into your hair using bobbi-pins and you're finished! 

"Resting Bitchface"

The Key Costume Pieces

The genius behind this witty topical costume is none other than our own Danielle. Not only does she rock this look, it's just as easy to create as it is clever. For your costume all you'll need is a ribbon, a tiny pillow and a PSL Starbucks cup. 

The Simple Makeup Steps 

1. This makeup is all about the eyebrows, so make sure to give your brow a filled in and well polished high arch.
2. Next apply false lashes and then lay on the contouring powder. Make sure to use just a tiny bit more than normal to create those Kardashian cheek-bones. 
3. Finish your makeup off with a neutral or nude lip, making sure to practice that pout! 

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