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This Saturday, the AGA will be hosting 'Nocturne' a Berlin Noir themed bash promising an underground club experience of the 1920's. This night of intrigue, mystery and romance will showcase the AGA’s exhibition Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism. Did we mention it's the perfect opportunity to dress decadently in furs, little black dresses and smoking gloves?

Smitten with the theme, we created this Halloween make-up tutorial on how to master the 1920's look at home, but before we get to the simple steps of this makeup application (found below), we wanted to give you an idea of how stunning this era truly was.

We are thrilled present to you a 'Berlin Noir' look book shot at the AGA featuring our own Danielle clad in a drool worthy fur coat and tam (kindly provided by Theatre Garage). 

The ever-talented (and oh so gorgeous) LUX makeup artist Danielle walked us through this simple makeup application perfect for any 1920's party. This look doesn't require any products that differ greatly from your day-to-day makeup (except a stick of Elmer's Glue), and relies heavily on the motto "blend, blend and then blend some more'. 

Before you begin make sure you have an oxblood lipstick or stain, dark lip pencil, two shades of brown eyeshadow (light and dark), a white or cream eyeshadow, a matte liquid foundation and concealer, a sculpting powder, burgundy blush and a brown pencil. You'll also need an Elmer's glue stick. 


The Simple Steps

1. Start by applying a matte liquid foundation to your entire face sans eyebrows.

2.This is by far the oddest and most important step. Using an Elmers Glue Stick (yes you read that correctly) glue down your eyebrows and then cover them with a matte concealer so you can't see them. 

3. Once you've successfully covered your eyebrows you'll draw them on to create a perfect 20's brow. This can be a bit tricky. Using your nose as an anchor draw the starting point of the brow (see photo below) and then draw the end point of the brow (see photo below for reference) before filling it in. In order to fill in the brows, Danielle suggests filling the bottom of the brow in first, then filling in the top, remembering that 20's brows have a sharp thin arch. She also noted you'll want to use an eye brow pencil one shade darker than hair colour (brown hair should use a black pencil and blonde hair should use a brown pencil).  

4. Once you have your brows drawn on, apply an eye primer, then use the light brown eyeshadow. Take the powder on your eye lid quite high (without touching the bottom of the lid or the eyebrow) and take it under the eye far below to cover the high part of the cheek bone (this will create the 'sad' eyes look). Next using a red-y brown fill in the crease and apply it under the lower lash line, blending it in. You can also use the darker brown to contour the bridge of your nose to make it appear narrower to play up your eyes. Lastly along the upper lash line and eyelid, reapply a white matte shadow to contrast the brown shadows.

5. After finishing your eyes, using sculpting powder define your cheekbones heavy-handedly (more than you would normally) as well as under your chin and jaw line to create a heart shaped face. 

6. Take your blush brush, again with more powder than you would normally use, and apply it to the edges of the diffused light brown shadow and above the apples of your cheek. Blend it until the bold colour looks softened.

7. Lastly line your lips, making sure to accentuate your cupids bow with a sharp edge and minimize the corners of your mouth (your natural lip line with be outside the one you draw on but it should be concealed by the foundation applied in step one). Fill in the lip with an oxblood stain or matte lipstick.
8. Enjoy your roaring '20s night, turning heads and breaking hearts! 

Want to spoil yourself? Interested in having a pro walk you through this look? We still have a few make-up appointments for Saturday, which perfectly coincides with our 'Red Carpet Beauty Awards' Event. 

Book yours today by giving us a call! 

Searching for a last minute costume? We can't recommend Theatre Garage enough; they specialize in every costume you can imagine and have the talents to make your costume dreams come true! 

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