Banish Your Cold Weather Blues

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As the mercury drops and the days grow shorter, we are all struggling with finding ways to stay energized. It seems when the sun starts setting earlier, we reach for that second cup of coffee by mid-afternoon, and yearn for the warmth of our bed all day long. Fortunately we don't need to take this fatigue lying down. 

After researching and chatting with our LUX ladies we have you covered with our tricks to staying energized so you never feel as tired as the days are short. 

Just Add Water 

The busier we get the easier it is for water to slip our minds, but ensuring we get enough H2O is vital for fighting fatigue. An easy way to remember your water intake is to use an app such as 'Waterbalance' or 'MyWater'.

As the air gets cooler and dryer it's also important to extend that water mantra to your skin care. LUX make-up artist Natasha recommends adding hydration serums to your daily routine and updating your current moisturizer and cleanser to richer formulas. 

Daily Rituals 

Day and night there are small ways to keep your body and mind well rested.

During the day take advantage of any opportunities to get outside and increase your Vitamin D. LUX owner Jenn Grimm has been raving about walking her daughter to school "Between the hand-in-hand unhurried chats, the day-by-day observations of the changing of the seasons, and the thirty minutes of sunlight on my face, walking my daughter to school each morning is the best decision I've ever made". Other suggestions for making the most of sunlight include Kat's suggestion to make an effort to work or nap in a sunbeam, or Marielle's to take advantage of the free Sunlamp in the Churchill Library.

At night, your pre-bed rituals can also make a big difference when it comes to conserving your energy. One of the easiest ways to ensure you get a restful nights sleep is to turn off screens before heading to bed. Research shows that screens can harm your melatonin levels and that taking a tech break a couple of hours before bed can greatly assist you in getting a good nights sleep. 

Lastly don't be afraid to put yourself first. As the flurry of the festive season begins to get underway it can imperative to say no occasionally to going out or attending one more event. Listen to your body and remember that staying in and having a night of pampering 'you' time makes is possible for you to be more engaged and present when you do decide to go out and paint the town red. 

Fake It (Until You Make It) 

If all else fails it never hurts to have a few tricks in your make-up kit for days when you just weren't able to get your beauty rest. In addition to a good concealer (we love Rouge Bunny Rouge and Kevyn Aucoin for concealing under eye circles), the use of an illuminator will give your skin a dewy well-rested glow. Try dabbing RMS Living Luminizer on your occipital bone and in the corner of your eyes to instantly wake up your face as well as opening up your eyes. Then curl your lashes and you'll look like you got your full 8-hours. 

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