End of Summer Checklist

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In a blink of an eye it seems that summer has flown past. Through heat waves and thunderstorms we've managed to live it up and soak up every minute of this warm weather bliss. As much as we love autumn, we still have half of August (and lets face it, September too) to live up the summer glory. We won't be giving in to cooler weather that easily!

Don't miss a beat and use our LUX summer checklist of Must-Do's before the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes.

1) Plan an outdoor picnic

Nothing pauses a summer day more than laying on a soft blanket in a field of cool grass while the sun streams in between the leaves of the trees. Bring a book, some friends, and a few locally-made treats (Moonshine Donuts anyone?) from the Grand Market and take in the beauty of the outdoors.

2) Take a personal spa day

In the summer, we're expected to be a little slow-paced and lazy, so take advantage of every second. Before you know it, we'll be swamped in back-to-school duties and thinking about Thanksgiving. Draw yourself a warm bubble bath full of your favourite potions and settle in with an exciting read and relax for hours. Maybe top it all off with a DIY mani-pedi and you'll feel like a whole new woman.

3) Indulge in ALL the sweet treats

Festival food, market treats, and gelato is flowing in abundance, so don't feel guilty partaking in the fun. Sangria won't taste as delicious indoors anyway. Enjoy the sweet things in life. 

4) Plan ahead

Though it may seem like a downer, making plans for the weeks ahead will put your mind at ease. If lists and schedules are made in advance to tackle back-to-school, fall-cleaning and holiday travel plans, you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the last few weeks of summer in peace. Ain't gotta worry about a thing.

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