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Wherever a woman goes, her beauty stash is sure to follow. That's why we meticulously stalk travel photos and ask any LUX girl who travels near and far what must-have items make it into her suitcase. We admit it's no easy feat, but the more our team travels, the better idea we have about what we truly need with us.

This week we share Katryna's recent adventure in Europe. She definitely did not want to go the backpacking route, and her large suitcase afforded some luxury of space when packing for a visit to Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.

"The main qualities of the products I brought were that they were quick and easy to use and they didn't take much space. Although I had a suitcase, I had to optimize so I could bring home all of my shopping. I wanted to feel relaxed on this trip and definitely didn't want to spend more of my precious time abroad at the mirror than was necessary."


Don't Blow It: My latest hair obsession, this allowed me to shower at night, then apply and let air dry. In the morning I had soft natural texture. Perfect for constantly being on the go.

Surf Infusion: If I wanted to take the style up a notch, I could spritz some in and tousle for extra-defined texture. Also, it was great for adding grit to hold in braided styles on hot days.

Pret-a-Powder: A must have for long travel days to spruce up greasy roots.

Classic Hairspray: My standard styling finisher.

Teasing Brush: The fastest way to add some oomph to my style, especially if I wanted to just toss my hair in a pony.


Geisha Ink Powder, Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pen: My everyday trio to look polished and fresh without having to spend a lot of time on my face.

Blinc Eye Shadow Primer: When I would wear eye shadow, I would use a bit of this beforehand to be sure it would last all day since I wouldn't have a chance to do touch-ups.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Shadow Duo: A perfect neutral pairing of colours I could wear any day with anything.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturizer: A light and easy boost of coverage if I needed it.

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer: Sheer, easy to reapply lip colour that includes SPF? The only lipsticks I packed.

Lipstick Queen Chinatown Gloss Pencil: For those few nights I needed an extra pop of colour.

Other Essentials

Jack Black Turbo Wash: The easiest all in one wash that I could share with my boyfriend without his complaint.

La Fresh Body Soother Wipes: An absolute must for the hot days on the train or biking around the city. Cooling and refreshing.

Coola Sunscreen: Because you always need sunscreen.

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