Happy Father's Day

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This Sunday we celebrate the men in our lives who have shaped us into the people we are today. We are so lucky to have their wisdom, support, strength and sometimes lame senses of humor to guide us. While they are less likely to give us beauty advice like Mom does, we decided to ask them a bit about the favourite things they use. It turns out, they don't shop much for themselves, but they LOVE the goodies we give them.  Here are a few testimonials from the men who've we now dubbed the 'Cool LUX Dads' plus a few other gift picks for the weekend.

"Danielle, I really like that Black-Jack stuff, you know that big soap bottle you got me in the pump. It lasts forever and I can wash my entire body with it, can you get me another one before mine runs out?"

"(My dad) really loves that Kent comb I got him for Christmas. He keeps it in his truck for give his 'stache a quick touch up"

"Can you get me a few more tubes of (Jack Black hand cream) for my truck, bedside table, and shave bag? It really works and I don't want to be without it"

"This (Jack Black) lip balm f---ing rules!"

"I know you only got me this (Marvis) licorice toothpaste because I am the only one in the house who will eat the black jellybeans. But I am okay with that"

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