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Though we were spoiled by a beautiful spring, the girls at LUX can't wait to dive into the hot hot hot temperatures that summer can now officially bring. I'm sure we pretty much say this about every season, but summer is one of the best. Few other times of the year do we spend as much time with friends and family actively playing games, telling stories and exploring, all while basking in soaring temperatures that let our sartorial desires run free, un-bound by multiple layers of fabric. 

For me, summer is a bit of a paradox. I revel in simultaneously living at a slower pace while balancing a bursting social calendar. I devour more books in these 2 months than the rest of the year combined, take cool evening walks and tend my little garden in the moments between BBQ's, pool parties and weekends away.

My favourite memories from my childhood are from taking summer vacations at my Grandparent's house. Even then we'd live the same paradox, my cousins and I. We'd stay up late, yet take early morning walks. We'd play video games in the basement, yet spend hours running in the yard. There was the exhilaration of complete freedom mixed with the desire to hunker down and escape the heat.

These memories roar back each morning as I feel a summers breeze through the window first thing in the morning. It reminds me how I felt then and it sparks excitement for the day as the sun creeps up to the balcony. Those tiny moments remind me to fill the day with the youthful energy of taking on summer with reckless abandon. I give myself the same confidence I had when my friends and I tried to give ourselves highlights with lemon juice (and the curiosity to wonder why it didn't work after we spent the day reading in the shade). I give the same practicality to my decisions as the day I bought that glittery lavender eyeliner pencil specifically because it was waterproof and I could wear it to the pool. 

Though I've now built a far more effective beauty arsenal this summer (Coola, Prtty Peaushun, and SkinNY coconut oil to name a few) I want to be sure I hold onto that wild freedom of the season. How else are we to add new stories to the campfire round?

Though this is what summer means to me, I know it means something different to you. And I'd be curious to know. I want to know what makes you excited about these hazy, lazy, days. Let's swap stories of our worst sunburns, share tips for the best summer dresses, let our hair down in salt sprayed waves. 

We can't wait to share our summer moments of LUX with you, and we hope you'll share a slice of your summer with us. Join us and follow along with #SummerLUXin' on all our social media channels as we soak up every last sunbeam this summer will give us.

Let's make this summer our best one yet. Let's make the memories that will inspire us for many years to come.

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