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It's finally the long weekend and while some of us are planning quick getaways to the lake, picnics with friends and hitting up the farmers' market, I am planning on a full-scale clean out of my home. It's safe to say that this recent spell of beautiful weather has kept me occupied and ignoring the ever growing piles of things to sort, organize and get rid of. It's now time to dive in, straighten it out and get ready for summer!

Among the mess, my vanity counter is one of the prime spots needing a good clean-out. Last year we shared some classic product storage tips and tricks, but this year I plan to approach with a new perspective: "possessions should be beautiful or useful. Or, hopefully, both."

In order to make the cut, a product must be one of these two things:  It must speak to my aesthetic style or it must be functional. It must create a beautiful montage on the counter tops, adding some appeal to the eyes and the space or be effective to a high standard, getting the job done and leave no room for complaint.

Or, in the best of cases, it will do both. Some special objects are the ones that make your heart burst and fill with joy. It makes your eyes light up when you see it and makes you feel so good as you use it. These are the items we rave about to our friends and will never ever let go.

And if it doesn't do's out. Simple as that!

I asked the team if there were any products that stood out to them in either of these categories, and it was so interesting to hear their perspective.

" I LIVE by this tenant. I don't have any beauty products that stick around simply because they are beautiful - I force them to be functional, too. For example, I have an beautiful bottle of body oil/tint/shimmer stuff that I've used maybe once but I will not give up on its POTENTIAL usefulness. Unsatisfying function but I use it anyway!"

Perfume bottles are total form. I hoard them as display bottles long after I've gotten over the smell."

" Bumble HDIO shampoo and conditioner has done marvels for my hair, and it makes me so happy to see the striking neon orange design. It made me want the product even before I knew what it could do for me. Total bliss."

" My Geisha ink foundation and liner pens are so amazing and I love using them, but they tend to get stashed in the drawer, while Rouge Bunny Rouge always has a place on the forefront. Same with a number of my lipsticks. The tubes are too lovely not to display."

"I love 100% Pure eucalyptus bath salts and Linacare - both are amazing but the bottles are to neutral for my taste. Definitely keep for their function."

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