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Patios are open, lilacs are in bloom, and whether you're ready or not the season to show a little skin is finally here. That's why this week we're tackling a little spring cleaning for yourself to get your skin soft, smooth, and ready for the sun.

Ensuring glowy, happy skin post-winter may seem like a huge undertaking, but with the right products it's an easy and great way to unwind after a long day. As an added bonus, you'll smell amazing too! 


Step One: Gather the Essentials 

For this step we recommend stocking up on skin softening basics: a good shea butter moisturizer, a salt scrub, a tinted moisturizer or illuminator, a foaming body wash and a bright nail polish for your toes! While you can definitely do this without, a good cocktail never hurt anyone. 


Step Two: Shave & Scrub & Repeat

The key to the closest possible shave is the double shave. First you lather up with a foamy body wash or gentle shaving cream, shave your legs as normal. Next you take a scrub and exfoliate you legs gently, before rinsing, lathering up again and shaving for a second time! The double shave ensures you don't miss a spot and that you're legs are as soft as they can possibly be while helping prevent in-grown hairs. 


Step Three: Moisturize & Highlight 

If you have been living anywhere near Edmonton for the past few months, it's doubtful if your legs have seen sunlight at all, so do yourself a favour and tone down your pasty skin by mixing an illuminator into your moisturizer. We love the Lalicious Shea Butter lotions mixed with the Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination so you can control how dark your legs get while still deeply moisturizing your sensitive skin. 

If you're looking to amp up your smooth Summer skin or give yourself a more permanent tan, get the deets on the perfect St.Tropez Faux Glow we shared last summer! 


Step Four: Fix Up Those Feet 

Nothing pairs with bare legs quite like sandals so once your legs are ready to hit the town, make sure your toes are on point as well. Clean up the callouses on your heels with the one-two punch of the Diamancel Foot File and the Steppin' Out Heel Salve. Finish with a bright and vibrant polish (Marielle's wearing 'Between the Sheets' and "Raining Men' by Deborah Lippmann) and you're ready embrace the warm weather! Time to bust out those skirts and dresses.

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