Happy Mothers Day!

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They're our biggest champions, they love us unconditionally and without question. They're our mothers. We are so lucky for all of their hard work and boundless strength, and they deserve so much more than one day of gratitude a year. So from all of us at LUX: to all of our mothers, the staff and clients among us who our mothers themselves, and any other mother who has impacted your life, we wish you the happiest Mother's Day! 

And since it's Mothers Day, and as any good mother would know, there's always something more to be taught and passed on, here's the best of their priceless beauty advice: 

 "Life is too short to wear cheap makeup, Danielle. You only get one face." - Danielle's Mom

"A little fat in your diet does wonders for your skin." - Natasha's Mom

"You should experiment with whatever colours you like, but blue eyeshadow hasn't done anyone good since the 80s" - Kat's Mom

"Never go to bed with makeup on. Pulse your eyelash curler ten times on each eye. You always look good with a smile but honestly Posy you give me more beauty tips than I give you!" - Posy's Mom

"Be beautiful inside and out, and when it comes to makeup less is always more" - Marielle's Mom 

"Don't you think that lipstick is a little pink?" - Amanda's Mom

"The best beauty tip I have is a good night's sleep and lots of water, but if all else fails there's always concealer!" - Calissa's Mom

"Get a REALLY GOOD moisturizer for your face. I'm serious. I'm 55 and I still have good skin because I used the good stuff when I was young!" - Britt's Mom

"Stay out of the sun" and more recently "Monica that lipstick is VERY red" - Monica's Mom 

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