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LUX's biggest and best day of the year is just three sleeps away! All year we look forward to celebrating our little shop with our fellow beauty junkies, and this year, if we do say so ourselves, we've gone above and beyond to celebrate our 15th birthday! 

In the spirit of celebration (and the long awaited spring weather), "Bloom & Grow" is our party theme with inspiration drawn from a dreamy garden party. To spark your imagination, we teamed up with Janis from DressMeDearly to build DIY floral crowns for the event. 

Step One: Collect Materials

We picked up eucalyptus bows, two tone tulips and smaller wild flowers from The Artworks as well as a thin and thick floral wire to make our crowns. Artworks was wonderfully helpful selecting a flexible branch (the eucalyptus bows), as well as flowers sturdy enough to be bound and handled in the actual crown. Lastly you'll need good quality scissors or gardening shears. 

Step Two: Basics First

Take your chosen branch or bow and wrap it snugly around your head (often you will need to use more than one bow for fit the circumference of your head properly). Once you have measured your head with your branches use the thicker floral wire to tightly wrap the two (or three) ends together to make a the base of your crown. You might need to adjust the size a few times, and it helps if you have a friend to help with the fitting. Don't worry about excess leaves and tiny branches yet, it's best to prune them at the end after adding everything else. 

Step Three: Floral Arranging

When building onto your properly sized wreath, decide if you want to have larger accent flowers, smalls bursts of color throughout, or a symmetrical crown. The sky is the limit, and let your creativity run. If you choose to use larger blooms, start with adhering those first (with the thicker wire), and then adding smaller ones after those are secure (switch to smaller floral wire as it will be easier to work with and gentler on smaller flowers). Use the garden shears to clip the wire and focus on adhering each flower individually by winding the wire around 3/4 inch of stem left on the bud and to the wreath. Remember to be gentle as flowers are delicate. Keep adding flowers until you've achieved the crown of your dreams! 

Step Four: Show It Off

By far our favourite step! We hope to see you Saturday to share our birthday with you, and if you come dressed for the occasion all the better. Janis will also be there all day, providing online coverage of the event, so be sure to tell her how stunning she looks in a floral crown! It should totally be her everyday look right?! 

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