The #1 Way to Improve Your Skin Right Now. Like, immediately.

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The first time I heard about Clarisonic was from Terri Lawton, facialist to the stars, during an appointment which I’d magically secured while in LA a year ago. She recommended Clarisonic for all of her clients and thought it would do really well in my shop. Ten months later, we received our first shipment. It promptly sold out.

#1 Skincare Necessity 

Each of my staff and myself became addicts overnight. I made the mistake of not taking mine with me to France, and I swear the thing I was second-most looking forward to seeing upon my return (after my daughter) was my Clarisonic machine.

We’d heard that Clarisonic has a big celebrity following, then Gwyneth wrote in her newsletter last month

“We can’t recommend washing your face and neck with the Clarisonic Cleansing System enough. It’s rapidly become one of our must-haves with a marked improvement on our skin.”

Why you want one: 

1. Uses sonic power to shake that gunk right out of your pores, including stubborn old comedones.

2. Removes 6x more makeup from your skin than manual washing does.

3. Best exfoliation you’ll ever experience

4. This mean fewer fine line

5. and more rapid cell-turnover

6. which means more even skin colour

7. (like, makes zits fade faster).

8. Super clear pores absorb serums and moisturizers better so they really get to work

9. giving you more bang for your buck.

10. And finally, you’re skin will look and feel plumped up and firmer with an incredible glow.


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