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How to Get Away with Washing your Hair Every Four Days

When it comes to hair, I am completely devoid of creativity. All I want is for my hair to be swingy, shiny, healthy, full of volume, and to not have to think of it again. Not much to ask for, right?

Happily, I have found the magic routine that delivers exactly that. Thing is, I don’t have the time nor interest to do this every day. Lucky for me, I don’t have to. Keep reading to find out how.


First with the washing:

1) I start with Philip B Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing Shampoo because it cleans out all the gunk, gives oomph, promotes growth and really clarifies the scalp.  I scrub it in and let it tingle for a few minutes while Clarisonic-ing my face.

2)I suds up again using Philip B Scent of Santa Fe Shampoo.  Two Shampoos? Say whaaat?  Here’s the deal: my scalp has been going through some tough times lately growing increasingly itchy, flaky, and dry.  Philip B’s godsend was the first product to instantly relieve the painful itching.  It keeps my scalp under control and makes my hair gloriously bouncy once it dries.

3) Last step is my long time favourite Philip B Light Weight Deep Conditioning Cream Rinse.  I’ve used lots of conditioners over the years but keep coming back to this one.  Why?  Works great and the scent is out of this world.


Now with the styling:

4) Once my hair is towel dried and combed, I squeeze out a dollop of Bumble & bumble Quenching Complex and work it through the bottom half.  My hair is generally in pretty good condition, but the bottom outside six inches are perennially dry and rough and drive me craaaazy.  Bb Quenching Complex weightlessly goes right to the core to hydrate from within.

5) While my hair is still damp, I liberally spray Bumble & bumble Prep throughout.  Prep is one of those products that seems extraneous at first, but quickly becomes addictive.  Think of it as a primer for the hair.  It evens out the porosity so that each strand is super smooth.  Styling products then glide on more effectively, instead of getting “caught up” in the jagged cuticles.

6) Working from one temple to the other, I create five quick parts and spray Bumble & bumble Styling Lotion at the roots.  Man I love this stuff.  Use it before blowdrying to give major lift, apply before using hot tools to hold your curls for 24 hours.  Super lightweight so you don’t even know you have styling product in your hair.

***If I’ve washed my hair late at night.  I’ll go to bed at this point with hair still damp (but all Quenched and Prepped and Styling Lotioned).  Even if I don’t have time to give a quick finishing blow dry the next morning, my roots will have some nice air-dried lift.


The Big Finish:

7) Now I break out the big round boar bristle brush go to town.  All that prep work makes the task take only minutes.  First, I partition and clip the top half of my hair on top of my head.  I quickly blow dry the underneath part to smooth out the strands and roll under the ends.  Then I unclip the top chunk and blow it dry in three section parallel to my hairline.  Concentrate the blast at roots, pull the brush straight up through the strands, roll under at the ends.

8) My hair is now all fluffy and dry and full of volume, but looks a little on the puffball side.  So I take a little squeeze of Bumble & bumble Brillantine and quickly smooth it throughout.  My hair is instantly shinier, smoother, more languid (not at all sticky).


Finally, give a quick finger-comb in the mirror, fight with my cowlick, walk away and don’t think about this stuff on top of my head for another 72 hours.

Hope you enjoyed,

XO, Jenn


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