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I’m going to channel my inner Oprah right now by saying that one of my “All Time Favorite Things” from LUX are the Butter London Lacquers (which for us Canadians means nail polish).  Not only do they have amazing colours that last, but they are 3 Free.  What is 3 Free you ask?

Additionally, the names of all of the colours have English references.  I recently stumbled across the Butter London Dictionary and some of them are absolutely hilarious.  Check it out for yourself

Here are a collection of our favourite colours.


(Pink Ribbon, Yummy Mummy, Muggins)


(Jaffa, Snog, Blagger)


(Big Smoke, La Moss, Chimney Sweep)

A Few Tips for Perfect Polish Application

-For damaged nails or rough cuticles, use Button London’s Nail Treatments.  Horse Power Nail Fertilizer for short brittle nails, Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil for dry cuticles, and Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator reducing rough cuticles.  These treatments will help to get your nails in tip top shape for the lacquer.

-Use a Basecoat and Topcoat!!  I know it may feel tedious to apply that many coats, however the combination forms a seal around the lacqure and elongates the length of your colour and protects against those aweful chips.

Now your ready to get your polish on!

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