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Does it seem to you that we’re in the middle of another baby boom?  While I am not pregnant at present (no need to be starting rumours), most of my Facebook friends have new little boos in their life.  By popular request, I’ve dug out and updated my original “necessities” list.  My best advice: stock up before it’s too late!  Even I, owner of a beauty store, had trouble getting out to grab lip balm.  Already popped? We take phone orders!  Email or phone 780-451-1423.  Free local delivery!



I was dreading what havoc the hormones would wreak on my acne-prone complexion.  Instead, my skin never looked better.  I tell you, it was all thanks to great skincare.  I’m particularly convinced that the B. Kamins Nutrient Replacement Cream is the panacea.  Developed to regulate menopausal skin, it’s equally effective for other hormonal shifts.


Adara Coconut Oil, how do I praise thee? Let me count the ways:

1. Fab for back and belly rubs

2. The deeply absorbing oil instantly relieves dry, itchy skin

3. No stretch marks!

4. They claim that coconut oil helps clear up pimples. I was skeptical untill… let me put it this way: when you spend 16 weeks in bed/on the couch/on the bathroom floor, your back can get pretty gungy.  This cleared up my skin overnight.


Post-pregnancy hair loss is Mother Nature’s cruel joke.  As if you don’t feel crappy enough with no sleep and the baby blues.  Fortunately, there are proven products to ease you through.  Phyto Cyan Serum & Shampoo is renowned for treating hormone-related hair loss.  Bumble & bumble’s Thickening Serum & Spray are LUX tested and approved.  Plus, Hair Powder is necessary for the days you need to appear at least slightly pulled together.


I’m not really sure what this “pregnancy glow” is that everyone talked about, because when I looked in the mirror, all I saw is an exhausted, haggard face.  As a favour to those around me, I would be sure to pile on the blush more than usual.  Truly an essential.  Stila Custom Colour Blush manage to give you cheeks that “lit from within” appearance, even when the only thing you feel within is turmoil in turn.


I thought I’d take advantage of my nails’ pregnancy-induced, super-strong excellerated growth and dress my them up all purrrty.  BL Horse Power & Lacqures are a great choice because they don’t contain the usual toxic chemical that absorb through the nailbed into your (and baby’s) bloodstream.  And for something more pracitcal: Pumps cooling spray is fantastic on swollen wrists and feet!


Adara Coconut Oil, the HEAD TO TOE elixir for you and baby.  Check our Facebook page for in depth explanation.

100% Pure Sea Therapy Bath “salts” made from crystallized kelp to soothe, detoxify and heal.

Kiss Me Mascara you can sleep in without smudges.

Ten tubes of really effective Lip Balm (I like Principessa and Rosebud);

Skyn Iceland Facial Wipes to keep beside your bed for ultimate lazy skin care!  They also make great baby wipes in a pinch.


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