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I haven’t had the best luck with self tanners.  I find that even the best products go splotchy and settle in my pores.  It turns out that I was doing it wrong.  All these years, and some key tips had remained elusive.  It’s my pleasure to share my latest…illumination.  -Jenn


The trick to a great self tan is advance planning.  Take time to wash, scrub and shave your skin one full day before you plan to tan.  The reason for this is that, while buffed skin will certainly enhance the application, skin that’s too freshly buffed will have nothing for the tanner to adhere to.

The second reason is born of caution.  You want to ensure that there are no open cuts or abrasions when you apply the tanner.  24 hr post hair removal allows time for skin to heal.


Now it’s time to be a moisturizing machine.  Have you ever applied self-tanner or instant-tan cream to find your legs looking patchy or alligator-y?  That’s from dehydration.  But the key is that you’ve got to start building that deep hydration a day in advance.  A last minute lotion-ing is not going to cut it.

**Key Insider Tip**: essential oils break down your tan! Don’t use any essential-oil-infused body scrubs, lotions or balms during this prep period or after you’ve applied the self-tanner.  Be sure to double check the ingredients!


Break it down:

-Make time for your self tan application a minimum four hours before your new hue debut (sorry, couldn’t resist)

-Give one last moisturizing effort to your hands, wrists, elbows, knees, angkles and feet.

-Work from the top down

-Use a mitt to protect your hands and get an even, streak-free application.

-Rub tanner over arms, legs and torso until it just turns creamy.  Work it too long and the tanner will pill – yuck.

-Mix one part tanner and one part moisture lotion for the feet, hands, elbows and knees.  Blend over arms and legs to prevent an abrupt demarcation.


The difference between red-carpet celebrities and the rest of us is their glow.  Seriously, this is why Jennifer Lopez will always be relevant.  Her skin.  Fortunately, the same results are available to us mortals with the right products.  St. Tropez has just launched their Skin Illuminators: a trio of finishers that give instant luminosity and an effortlessly polished look.  You’ve just spent two days prepping and applying your deeper hue; show it off at its most beautiful.  The Illuminators can be used to mimic howt he sun would hit (highluting collarbone, shins, etc) or applied all over for a gorgeous glow.

Come talk with us about all our self-tanning tips in more details.  Let us show you how to apply to your face flawlessly and demo our start St. Tropez products.  Call 780-451-1423 to ask questions and place an order. We’re all pumped about our tan knowledge and love to share!

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