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LUX Means Light

It is our mission to create a space where all women can celebrate the light within. Beauty products are simply tools for having fun, being creative and saying to yourself  “I matter”.

This is why we chose Suit Yourself as our charity of choice.  At first glance, it might seem like SY is just giving away interview suits.  Like, what’s the big deal?  Really big, actually.  Suit Yourself clients are women who have clawed their way out of rough situations and are one better-paying position away from economic independance.

Economic independace means control over what and who will be in their and their children’s lives.  Suit Yourself provides their clients with tools for projecting on the outside the strength and light the client has on the inside-because like it or not, companies have dress codes and social codes, and it really sucks when a woman doesn’t apply for that office job because they require she wear pantyhose and she had to buy Cheerios instead.

Suit Yourself’s clients work one-on-one with their “style coach” volunteers to select appropriate, flattering workplace attire.  She’s not just choosing pretty clothes; she’s building confidence.  Suit Yourself is a space where women are emboldened to say “I matter”.

Thank you to all the journalists, bloggers, tweeters, guests, vendors & sponsors who helped make our 2nd Annual Beauty & the Pleats a $4,300 success.  And thank you above all to Sarah, without whom this event would never have gotten out of my head and in to reality.  She helped me  kicked my butt in gear last year as my intern and this year ran the whole show flawlessly as our full time Marketing Manager (three weeks after organizing our epic Beauty Party, no less).  She might say “it’s my job” or “it’s no biggie”, but I know one must be gifted with rare talent to make this skill look that easy.

XO, Jenn

(p.s.  You should see what we’re already dreaming of for next year!)

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