11 Step Ultimate Mani/Pedi How-to

Posted: Jun 10 2012 | Author: Katryna Y

Bronwen’s Ultimate At-Home Mani/Pedi Regime

I love pedicures and manicures, but can rarely justify spending $60-$100 on one, so I do them at home.  (Sometimes I’ll even do them for others as a creative fundraising idea!) Aside from saving money, doing an at-home mani or pedi means I get ot use all the yummy products I’ve collected (and keep collecting) from LUX.  Here’s how you can, too:


1) I start with soaking my 14-hrs-a-week belly-dancing feet in 100% Pure Rosemary Muscle Soak Vapor Bath.  I bought myself a little Rubbermaid tub, but you can use a roasting pan, big mixing bowl, or whatever you have in the house.

2) I take my Diamancel foot file to my calluses, cracked heels and whatever else might be going on.  Diamancel is AMAZING!  I’ll use it on a dry foot in a rush, but when I’m going all out and doing a spa-inspired home jobby, I file after soaking for even greater return.  It’s made with real diamonds so it just ploughs through the rough skin without ever wearing out.  Be careful not to over do it or you’ll end up with tender tootsies!

3) Time to push back those cuticles.  butter LONDON Melt Away takes care of those pesky resistant ones!  Apply liberaly to both fingers and toes.

4) Clip and file finger and toe nails the shape and length you’re going for.  For a sharp look that fits in my day-to-day life, I’ve been LOVING a short rounded square: clip straight across then smooth and round the corners.  My Diamancel nail file has been going strong (leaving my nails super smooth without ever causing splits) for eight years!

5) Now for my favourite prep step: Principessa Delizia Mia sugar scrub to get my hands and feet blissfully soft.  Use a fresh tub of warm water to rinse off then give a little underwater rub… SO relaxing!


6) At this point, my hands and feet are looking great, but I can’t go without the best part: colour!  First, I swipe a cotton pad soaked with polish remover over my bare nails to dry out the surface.  This is the manicurist’s secret to help your lacquer last longer.  Because I’m not rinsing it off, I like to use acetone-free butter LONDON Powder Room.

7) Then I always apply a base coat.  butter LONDON Nail Foundation smoothes out the surface, lets your colours come through clean, and makes sure your polish adheres perfectly.


8) Time for my favourite part! I’m a huge fan of the nude nails, deep jewel tones, and single colour applications…BUT…don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your polish!  This is the real advantage of DIY:  if you don’t like how something looks, you don’t have to feel shy about taking it off and starting again.

Right now I am obsessed with layering colours for a whole new effect.  You can get a million different looks from your polish wardrobe this way.  Even just layering a sparkle over top (bL Tart with a Heart is awesome!) totally changes the look.  I don’t always paint my nails the same colour, either.  For a while I had fun rocking nine nails with RGB Haze with one nail with RGB Camp.  No matter what you decide, have fun with it.  That’s what being a girl’s all about!

9) I always keep a bunch of toothpicks in my arsenal of products…these are the cheapest, easiest way to get your nails to look salon-done!  Use the toothpick after you’ve finished each coat to trace along the nail edge.  This stops the nail polish from sticking to the cuticle, preventing chips, and gives you that tidy line at the base (which I can never get with just the brush!).  It also is a perfect tool to clean up colour outside the lines.

10) Now for the essential top coat to protect that investment of time and energy you just made.  It also makes the polish look flawless.  I LOVE Seche Vite for that exceptionally durable diamond-hard quick-dry almost-gel look.  If you want something toxin-free, go with bL or RGB.

11) Once my polish is dry, it’s time for the final step: a good nourishing lotion for my skin.  On my feet, it’s likely FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze.  This stuff is SO softening with zero greasies!  For my hands, FHF Fluffy Bunny is deeelish!

Hope you enjoyed my DIY tutorial.  Come talk to me on Sundays if you need any more advice of just want to show off your newest colour combo!  Have fun, XO-Bronwen.