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Hi, I’m Lauren, LUX Beauty Boutique’s full time merchandise manager & makeup artist.  When Jenn asked me to put together my wedding-day faves, I was eager to share.  Here are my top five essentials for every big event, whether I’m applying the makeup or she’s doing it herself (after all, if Princess Catherine can do it, so can you.)

Do you have a big event coming up and want a makeup lesson and/or application?  Call us-we would love to help you out. XO Lauren


Hides any flaws on a day you need to look flawless.  Applying the Perfecting Concealer will make it look like you have slept for a week during a time when you are lucky to sleep through the night.  Mix a small amount with moisturizer to create a medium coverage foundation.  A perfectly concealed face is the base for perfect wedding makeup.


A gel-based eyelid primer that dries to a matte waterproof finish.  Apply the Prime Pot (my fave is Taffy) over foundation, let it set and then apply eyeshadow.  Your eyeshadow won’t dare move, let alone crease, and you can dance carefree until the last son.  Tip: I like to apply a small amount along the lower lash line to prevent creasing.


Polymer-based, fibre-rich Mascara adds volume to your lashes.  I love it because I am a notorious crier and it has never failed to stand up to my waterworks.  Geisha Ink Liquid Liner is one of my favourite prodcuts, period.  It is easy to use, dries to a true black and is also waterworks-proof.  The pen style applicator gives you control over the thickness of the line so you can take it from subtle to dramatic.


YOU MUST HAVE THESE!!  Once you try false lashes you will never go back.  They take your makeup from beautiful to unbelievable.  There is not much more that I can say other than just try them.  If you’re nervous, come to the store, buy some lashes and we will apply them for you.

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