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There is less than one week until the end of our Alberta BoostR campaign. We have spent many hours coming up with the amazing rewards for you to choose from. We admit though that choosing the right reward can be difficult- there are just so many awesome options! We know that in the summer everyone loves a good ol’ magazine style personality quiz, so we’ve put this together to help you find the rewards that suit you best!

Which Alberta BoostR Rewards were made for you?

1. What are you up to this Friday night?

  • A. Perfecting your manicure in the latest shade while doing an at home restorative hair-mask.
  • B. Going out for dinner with your favorite girls then hitting the dance floor afterwards.
  • C. Reviewing your accomplishments for the week, then having a glass of red wine and making plans for the next.

2. This Fall, what fashion trend are you most excited for?

  • A. Anything emerald toned paired with a bold ruby lip.
  • B. The presence of leather and fur- the more attention grabbing the better.
  • C. Menswear and mid-century influences for a classic, professional look.

3. Your Butter London nail lacquer color of choice is:

  • A. West End Wonderland
  • B. No More Waity, Katie
  • C. Bossy Boots

4. Your dream vacation destination would be:

  • A. Morocco- There is such a unique vibrant vibe, and new beauty oils are being discovered every day.
  • B. London- It’s a happening town with amazing nightlife and social gatherings.
  • C. New York- There is such a confidence about everyone. A bustling hub for business, there is always someone to network with.

5. Your ideal method of de-stressing is:

  • A. Full body massage and shiny new pedicure at the spa.
  • B. A late night gab session with mimosas and your closest pals.
  • C. Chilling at a coffee shop, day dreaming about new ideas and plans.

6. On any given afternoon you can most likely be found:

  • A.  At the beauty counter picking up the latest goods. The LUX girls have you on speed dial.
  • B. Walking down 124th street, running into people you know and stopping for a chat.
  • C. At the Mercer warehouse, networking and growing your business.

7. You like to shop locally because:

  • A. I get the best insider knowledge from the staff, and they always get in the best products.
  • B. I get to know the business owners personally and they remember me.
  • C. I own a local business myself and I know how important it is to support small businesses.

8. I want to support LUX Beauty Boutique’s Next Big Step because:

  • A. I want to see them have a website where I can get my beauty fix 24/7!
  • B. They are such a great group of girls and I want to party with them once they meet their goal!
  • C. I want to see the local economy grow with this business and the opportunities they are creating!

Now, count the number of times you chose each letter when answering the questions for your result!

If you picked mostly A‘s…

If you picked mostly B‘s…

If you picked mostly C‘s…


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