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We’re back with another Meet the Team video! We are delighted to introduce to you Danielle, one of our full time make-up artists in the store. Watch the video or read below to get to know our lovely, cat-loving, creative dynamo.

Hello everyone, I’m Danielle and I have been at LUX for about 8 months. I am a full time make-up artist and sales on the floor.

Everyone whose ever had an appointment with you has been blown away by your talents (and eyebrows!), what is your favourite thing about being a make up artist?

I love being a make-up artist because it gives me a chance to make women feel beautiful and I have the opportunity to make them feel really great about themselves. Not even for just that day, but forever by giving them tips and skills they can use in their daily life.

If you could have any person in the world be a client of yours, who would it be?

My dream client would probably be Stevie Nix, because I do love Fleetwood Mac, and because she’s a woman I have always found really interesting and it would be so cool to spend an hour with her and play around with make up.

Do you have any secret insider make up tricks you can share with us?

My number one beauty trick that I use with client and every day myself is dealing with mascara mistakes. If you make a mistake, let it dry first, then you can just flake it off. It’s what I tell anyone I see automatically reaching to smudge it, but it makes a big black dot and no one wants that. Just let it dry and you can flake it away completely.

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, what are your favourite products in the store?

My favourite products at LUX are probably the Library of Flowers line. I really speaks to me as a girl, my feminine side lights up because it is floral and fun and I just love all of the scents. Plus the packaging is just like the cutest thing ever. It’s the number one thing I want to show the world.

How do you handle our varying seasons here in YEG?

I thrive in summer and spring, it’s my favourite time of year. Winter doesn’t do anything good for me. It doesn’t do anything good for my hair or my skin. As far as wardrobe goes I really prefer summer. It has skirts and dresses, tank tops, jean jackets and wedges…I just love that pretty summer hippy girl look I guess.

Well, since warmer temperatures are on the horizon, what trends for spring are getting you excited?

My favourite spring trend is pastels! I love pastels and feathered tones. Anything that is light and cheery. Anything girly and frilly…I just love all that kind of stuff.

To book an hour-long make-up appointment with Danielle or any of our other fab make-up artists give the store a call at (780) 451-1423 to book your time!

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