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She isn’t Irish but she sure is green. Tata Harper redefines the meaning of natural beauty.

Growing up in Colombia where “beauty is a way of life”, Tata Harper developed her magnificent skincare line to fill a void in the natural products market.  We can’t say enough about how great these products are.  They’re super effective, all natural, certified organic and small-batch produced through sustainable practices.  The ingredients are extremely high quality and outsourced as little as possible because production is kept almost completely within the company’s Vermont-based farm.  The best part is that they smell heavenly and they WORK!

Each product formula starts by addressing a specific skincare need with certain ingredients which is the opposite of large-scale competitors who start with a budget.  Depending on the product Tata Harper might use 9-29 active ingredients.  Most other skincare products contain a maximum of three bio-actives.  


When you open your favorite product you’ll see the green vial is recycled glass printed with limestone instead of paper (which can then by recycled again after use), wrapped and shipped in recycled material. Tata takes sustainability as far as she can by using cow-powered Vermont electricity at the production facilities.  A long-term sustainability model is accounted in the pricing, allowing the high standards of the products to serve you far into the future.


With such an amazing array of products, favorites are hard to choose, but here are some of our Tata Harper Must-Haves:

Be True Lip Conditioner 

A makeup artist’s dream.  In the short term it plumps without tingling and immediately hydrates while boosting collagen.  Long term, it fights aging with antioxidants and even inhibits muscle contractions to reduce expression lines.  

Use: We like to apply it a few minutes before before a dramatic red lip.  Generously slather it on, let it sit 3-5 minutes and blot off before colour application. This gives the lip surface a smooth, hydrated texture that will make your lipstick look polished.  Keep it in your purse for daily mini treatments!

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

Vitamins for your face. The gentle serum stabilizes and balances the complexion.  It will diminish redness, soften the skin texture and deeply moisturize.  A great introduction to the world of serums!

Use: The roller-ball applicator ensures you don’t waste a drop of product. This serum is applied as your very last step after your moisturizer and eye creams to help seal in hydration and protect your skin each morning and night.

Floral Essence 

It smells like summer at the spa.  This is a beautiful toner for hydration.  Toners used to be a second step to remove cleanser residue, but high-quality ingredients no longer require this step.  Now,  toner can be used as a vehicle to deliver more moisture to the skin.

Use: Spray on before serum/moisturizing as part of your daily routine.  Can be applied all through the day over makeup.  I love using it for thirsty skin on the airplane.

Resurfacing Mask

A simply brilliant mask that almost all skin types can use.  Brightening effects will fade dark spots, acne scars and reduce the appearance of pores (especially in the T-zone area).  With a genius combination of pink clay, pomegranate enzymes and white willow it manages to purify, decongest and exfoliate while soothing (that means no tingling or red blotchiness).  I find many exfoliating masks require an overnight recovery period because of the pinkness but I’m ok with leaving the house right after using this mask. 

Use: Again, not for the supersensitive.  Use it once per week for 15-25 minutes.  I love it as part of my Sunday night bubble bath and a facial routine.  Note that it will dry on the skin and feel a bit tight.  Remember to moisturize afterwards.

Reparative Moisturizer

The heavy, ultra-hydrating, “screw-you-winter” formula repairs and protects us through the winter months.  Which means at least half the year if you live in Edmonton.  It has a rich texture that does not feel sticky or greasy, it soaks in right away.  Use the lighter Rebuilding Moisturizer in summer.

Use:  Slather it on clean skin from forehead to chest as the last step of your skin care routine.  Once in the morning before makeup and at night before bed.

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