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Meet LUX’s resident ‘Lipstick Queen’ Amanda! You may have seen her in our SelfPay Video; she’s destined to be a star. Watch the video to learn more about our bronzed goddess, or read below.

I’m so excited! Look how bronzed I am!

I’m Amanda and I’ve been at LUX since last May, so about a year now. I am usually here on Sundays. I love having the chance to come in and try pretty things, do beautiful make-up, and help people out. At my other job I work with mostly men, so they aren’t usually as receptive to me talking about contouring and highlighting powders. They also don’t notice my new lipstick everyday so it’s nice to come in and be around people who do.

We know you are all about that lipstick and we love having you in the store whenever we can! What is your favourite part about being here at LUX?

The best thing is the atmosphere and that everyone who works here is excited to be here. When we are in we get to try new things and get to talk to people who are just as excited as we are. We really all have the same goal, which is to make people feel a little bit better than when they walked in and it is really satisfying to have a part in doing that.

So is that what you love most about being a part of this industry?

My favourite part about being in the beauty industry is actually the learning and the confidence that comes with it. Even now we will have people who come in and say “Oh, your skin is so great! What do you use?” and I still turn around and think they can’t be talking about me, I’m not the girl with good skin!

I really had a chance to look at the education piece of it and was fascinated by ‘why do we use what we use?’ and ‘why do we bring in certain lines?’. I mean, yes it is about beauty and yes it is about fun and experimenting, but it is really about educating yourself. It is a form of self care for me and I am a big advocate of self care. Lipstick just happens to be one of those ways.

So what products make you feel cared for? What are your faves?

I have a list of…a thousand. Let’s do top three.

My top three would be: Kevyn Aucoin’s Natura blush. I wear it underneath absolutely any other blush, I put it on in the middle of the day and I have a back up one at home just in case I run low. Hot Rose Sinner is one of my favourite lipsticks, it’s what I wear constantly. I am known as the lipstick queen at work. I love to experiment with fun colours. I have also (in a pinch) used that lipstick and rubbed it in my fingers and applied as blush to get a bit of pink. And my third favourite…ooh. Anything from Paul and Joe. I’m a sucker for packaging and it’s beautiful. The fact that the line is designed in France just makes me feel like a lady of leisure to use it. It makes my dream vanity.

When you shop elsewhere, do you have any local loves?

Well, I am a big fan of ‘crafternooning’, so I am a sucker for the Royal Bison, the downtown market, ect. I like seeing people who have other careers and professions but this is an outlet for them. I love to see the creative side of other people. Big events like that are just awesome. So, farmer’s markets, where I eat Bloom Cookies like crazy, I swoon over Poppy Barley and dream of boots every single night,  and I really love all the jewelry at Plum Home and Design on 124 st, they have such unique stuff that’s always different every time I go and it’s nice to treat yourself to something.

Are there any fun facts about you that we should know?

There’s one fun fact that people don’t know about me and it’s that I’m kind of a big deal.

Oh I met the Queen! I met the Queen… maybe that’s exciting. I also met Soul Decision and B44. Less exciting and yes, they are just as tan as they look on TV.

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