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Ah summer, warm weather, cool drinks and some time off to get away. Every opportunity to explore the world comes with a wealth of experiences and new adventures. But trying to narrow down what products get to come along with you? Nightmare!

We decided to ask some of our LUX lovelies what goodies get the honor of coming with them on their travels. First up is our Marketing Manager Katryna and what she brought on her recent trip to California!

“Last month my Boyfriend and I headed south to the Bay area to explore the sights and sounds of San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The weather was surprisingly sunny and beautiful (we expected tons of fog) and we enjoyed lots of time outdoors. This being our second time to the area, I knew exactly what I wanted to bring!”

Coola Sunscreen- An absolute MUST for being in the sun. Fresh mango is my favorite scent, puts me right in the summer mood. (A little birdie also told me it is coming back in stock this weekend!!!)

BB Classic Hairspray- On vacation I go for no-fuss hair. Ponytails and topknots forever! This hairspray is lightweight but has enough hold to fight flyaways and frizz.

SachaJuan Scalp Shampoo and Volume Conditioner- Humidity makes my hair get all out of whack. Lots of sunshine, moisture and swimming pools makes my scalp get super itchy, so scalp shampoo is a must for a vacation like this. And I brought volume conditioner to play up my summer waves.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturizer- My makeup gets super laid back in warm weather, so a light coverage foundation was the first and only step for my face, and it worked flawlessly. It’s all I ever needed.

Paul and Joe Lipstick in La Vie en Rose- This bold pink was  my California pop. Pink lips are like a light switch that brightens up my face and suited the mood of the vacation most days.

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