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Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope you all celebrated in the manner most fit of a northern resident; sunshine, barbecues, and fireworks were on the menu for us yesterday.

With our focus and attention on Canada this week, we spoke to some of our favorite brands born in the true north; Ilia Beauty and Principessa!

Principessa, based in Vancouver, is our most indulgently feminine line, boasting a range of sweet and girly bath and body care all pink and wrapped in a bow. Also from Vancouver is Ilia beauty; focusing on natural ingredients and healthful benefits in trendy and long-lasting cosmetics, primarily lip care. We reached out to our contacts and spoke with both Principessa and Sasha from Ilia.

To start, tell us a little bit about Principessa and Ilia. What inspired you to begin the brand?

Principessa: The inspiration for our products started with a passion for all things Italian: the language, lush landscape, natural aromas, decadent fragrances and impeccable quality of food and wine.

Ilia: After several years of branding design for other clients I saw a hole in the market for organic color with contemporary sensibility. From here it took two years to launch one formula in 6 shades; from there we’ve grown in ways I never thought possible.

Did the brand’s Canadian upbringing affect the growth or selection of your products?

Ilia: In some ways and I believe growing up with hippie parents on the west coast probably had more of an overall impression. Organics and bio-actives became a huge influence and value of the brand.

Principessa:  In the best possible way. Canadians love to support local brands. And internationally, we have many loyal customers around the world who enthusiastically shop Canadian online.

Do you have any favorite products this season? I know it’s like choosing a favourite child…Pick the top two.

Principessa: Our newest product, Bella Balm BB Cream, makes every day a bella (beautiful) day. This unique beauty balm moisturizes your skin and smooths out imperfections, with no oily or heavy residue. Perfect for the summer! As well, the Terme Tresses conditioner are must try to replenish hair and restore shine from all that lake swimming.

Ilia: A couple from our limited edition collection. Jump (a cool fuchsia) Conditioner and Back to Life a a lilac Lip Gloss. Beautiful and right on trend.

Thank you so much for your time, ladies! We are looking forward to the summer ahead and continuing to support Canadian brands.

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