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One of the biggest perks of living in Alberta in the summer is our easy access to amazing camping. It is practically tradition to pack up the car and enjoy days of marshmallow roasts, dips in the lake and nights under the stars. Unfortunately, there is no harder place for a beauty junkie to get her fix than in the depths of the wilderness, where access to counter space and plug-ins become scarce. As a continuation of our What I Brought travel series, we contacted our LUX girl Marielle from the deep woods to give a little insight on the must have items for the forest.


To my LUX Ladies,

Every summer I pack up my Suburban, drive 1203 km and head to the Sunshine Coast. I am the Assistant Director of a summer camp for children with invisible disabilities which is a program I am incredibly passionate about and so blessed to have had the privilege to work for for the past 3 years. I while away the summer months bathing in the ocean, hearing the soft loon calls, sleeping under an endless blanket of stars and playing in the woods. And although I love the minimalist living, let’s be frank, I have to give up a lot of my addict-like beauty amenities. So, here’s my tried and true crash course on low maintenance outdoors inspired beauty.


Fresh Faced:

Take care of your skin! I may end up showering once a week and give up almost all make up, but dropping basic skin care just isn’t an option. Packing a Clarisonic may seem a bit ridiculous, but when you’re trying to scrub a cocktail of dirt, sweat, smoke, paint and sunscreen from your pores I assure you nothing beats 1 minute of Clarisonic power. Pair that with a gentle cleanser (I love REN balm cleanser and Eve Lom) followed by a quick absorbing lotion to fend off flaking skin and dryness caused by swimming, bug spray and the sun (I swear by Linacare). Plus you’ll feel a little refreshed, like a slightly more pulled together you, even if you’re running on no sleep.


Beach Bum Hair Care:

The damage I do to my hair in the summer is substantial. It ranges from every day wear and tear to the extreme (I recently spent the better part of a week trying to wash vaseline out of my long locks post counsellor punishments). I recommend a deep clarifying shampoo (Peppermint Avacado from Phillip B Is a godsend), a moisturizing, end soothing conditioner (and my personal new obsession) Bumble and Bumble Hair Dressers Oil Primer. This stuff soothes split ends, detangles and protects your hair from UVA and UVB rays and fading (oh and it also smells amazing). And for those days I skip showering (…so most of them) a healthy amount of Principessa dry shampoo will work wonders.


The Rest:

SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN. Seriously, don’t make me say it again. I am a Coola girl through and through. It keeps my ivory skin safe without causing me to breakout even when I am jumping in and out of water all day.

Geisha Ink Mascara / Jean Queen Lipstick / Ilia Lip to Cheek / RMS Living Luminizer : AKA The only make up I wear all summer. It gives the perfect “I’m flawless” look, while not like you’re trying to hard for camping.

Nail Polish: Painted toes. It’s one of the few indulgences I allow myself. I may be covered in mud and markers but at least my feet seem ladylike. Furthermore unlike makeup which will be washed off before lunch, polish tends to stay put for at least 48 hrs. I adore the bold Jin Soon colours especially Cool Blue and Coral Peony.


Hopefully those tips help you as much as they do me, enjoy your summer, get outside, go explore and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the fall!

With love from Camp Eureka, Marielle TerHart

PS. Oh, and if you’re heading out for an adventure, here are some cabin songs to keep you company:
Summer Campfire Adventure by LUX Beauty Boutique on Grooveshark

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